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Suddenly my cholesterol is very high

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  • Suddenly my cholesterol is very high

    I've had some blood tests done today, and my total cholesterol has gone from about 167 last year to 275 this year.
    I've been primal for about 1.5 years now. At my last screening, I had been primal for @ 5 months already. My cholesterol prior to going primal was always around 180 or so, so never bad. My good HDL is at 65, so that's good. But 275 total? Come on!

    I am off grains entirely, have been off processed sugar for years, and dairy hasn't been my thing in 10+ years.
    Recently I've also taken it easy on fruit. My daily breakfast smoothie used to contain spinach, carrots, blueberries, a frozen banana, raspberries, lemon, and some flax on occasion. But now I only do those on the weekends, and only occasionally
    I have added some coconut milk, albeit not that much.
    I do eat a lot of nuts (although lately nuts have been limited to maybe 3 handfuls per day, and one tablespoon of nut butter). When I had 167 total cholesterol I was eating more nuts than that.
    I also eat a lot of eggs. 3 to 5 per day on average. But according to the Conneticut Heart Study, eggs don't have an impact on cholesterol.

    So, a typical day for me, food wise:
    breakfast: 1 smoothie with 8 oz of almond milk, 1 scoop of @30g whey protein, cocoa powder, stevia, 1 tablespoon of almond butter, flax seed (for fiber), OR 2 eggs and 2 carrots instead. 2 handfuls of nuts (almonds or hazelnuts) on the way out the door.
    lunch: huge (I mean monster) salad with lettuce, spinach, 2 - 3 hard boiled eggs, grilled chicken, a little bacon, carrots, brocoli, handful of walnuts, some garbanzo beans, beets, red & green peppers and other vegetables as available, olive oil & apple cider vinegar for dressing
    dinner: chicken thighs or chicken sausage with vegetables, or a stir fry with chicken and lots of veggies.
    weekend breakfast: a huge egg scramble with tons of veggies and bacon for breakfast, followed by almond/coconut waffles (no flour) with apple sauce

    That's pretty much 90% of what I eat. And I generally like it. I do eat up to 3 small pieces of 85% - 99% chocolate per day. No coffee, no tea. Herbal tea only maybe once a week (good earth sweet & spicy).

    Other changes I have made recently:
    I only take cold showers now (can't imagine that having anything to do with cholesterol, but I read in 4 hour body that it increases fat burning)
    I run less, and do more body weight workouts, although I'm going to go back to running more, starting tonight
    I am trying to get to 8% bodyfat. Although the body fat measurement today says I'm at 13% (down from 15% last year).

    So I'm puzzled by my high cholesterol. And frankly, a bit annoyed. The way I eat and do sports (3 body weight workouts a week, yoga once or twice, running every few weeks), I shouldn't have any of that. I'm 5'10" and weigh 162 pounds. I should have no body fat at all, and certainly not high cholesterol.

    I'd like to hear your thoughts...

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      Weight loss can cause a temporary increase in choesterol as fats are liberated:
      Can Losing Weight Raise Your Cholesterol Temporarily? | LIVESTRONG.COM