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Barry Sears attacked for calling Zone Diet 'paleo'

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  • Barry Sears attacked for calling Zone Diet 'paleo'

    Before I discovered the MDA site, I had been following the Zone diet for 10+ years (went through phases where I would be more or less strict). I always considered the Zone system to be a good start as a foundation for a healthy lifestyle, but have been dismayed in recent years with Dr. Sears' promotion of processed Zone products, such as baked goods (produced using a supposedly magical 'molecular baking' technique) and sugary energy bars full of chemicals.

    On the Zone site, Dr. Sears posted an endorsement of the paleo diet, and even went so far as to equate the Zone Diet and paleo as being the same! Below is the link to this blog post & discussion, which includes a response by Robb Wolf:

    Want to lose Weight? Eat like our Paleolithic ancestors | Zone Diet | Dr. Barry Sears

    I love debating nutrition -- I think that evidence-based argumentation is how we're going to reach a consensus about what optimal nutrition consists of, down to the smallest details. I'm so happy to see that others are also calling bs on Dr. Sears' promotion of 'healthy' grains and sugars in his commercial products, and getting him to acknowledge the advantages of omitting the weighing-and-measuring required by the Zone plan, & the great benefits of intermittent fasting. (One of the things that I hated about the Zone was the requirement to eat something within an hour of waking... I shudder to remember the years of force-feeding myself when I wasn't hungry, when IFing turned out to be the solution to my inability to slim down).

    The link above is an excellent illustration of the principle that you can't endorse a healthy/primal lifestyle while at the same time promoting processed foods. It's kind of sad to see Dr. Sears backing himself into a corner by making statements like "Hormonal response usually trumps food quality," so that he can continue selling his nougat bars and Zone pastas...

    Note that this blog post above is from earlier this year, so is kind of old, but I just discovered it myself, and thought others might be interested, too.
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    I'm pretty bummed out by his promotion of the processed foods, too. Although some people do really well eating them. I, for one, can't afford them, lol. I am a Zone follower, but I don't weigh and measure much. I DO eat alot of yogurt, and some cottage cheese, and alot of string cheese--it suits my system well. I drink raw milk and it also suits me well. I eat my own chickens' eggs, too, since I control their diet, I know that the eggs will be good quality. I'm not a fanatic. I don't believe Barry Sears has kept up with the concept of the quality of the food you eat depends upon what the animal you are eating ate! I am a type 2 diabetic and track how my body is reacting by what my blood sugars are. To me, the most important part of both approaches is the avoidance of grains. We've been poisoned by modern agribusiness, corned and soyed and wheated to death. And also, the necessity of eating lots of colorful fruit and veggie carbs. And enough good fats. The protein part is easy. If you take away the dogma part of each approach--grok for Paleo and hormonal balance with Zone, the foods you end up eating are pretty much the same with the same major tenets. Of course, there is the fish oil thing with the Zone, with which I totally agree, since high-dose fish oil is an amazing antiinflammatory, and there is alot of inflammation to overcome from years of bad eating. I would not go without the FO. I can literally feel it in my body when I miss a couple of days. I also supplement with ceylon cinnamon bark powder to help control my blood sugar, which has proven amazing results for diabetics.


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      I went on the Zone for four months. It honestly changed my life. I felt fantastic, slept better, lost some weight.

      But it's limiting and tricky. And no one can eat 9 cups of spinach in one sitting to equal one carb block. Looking back, the scant amounts of fat I was eating just wasn't enough!

      I have to credit the Zone for getting me into eating better in the first place. Then I found MDA and that changed everything all over again
      A Post-Primal PrimalPat

      Do not allow yourself to become wrapped up in a food 'lifestyle'. That is ego, and you are not that.