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Not getting enough calories or protein

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  • Not getting enough calories or protein

    Hi, all!

    So I have been measuring out and writing down my food consumption but didn't get around to putting it in a nutrition spreadsheet program until earlier today.

    It's on the Ketogenic macronutrient ratio and -2 LBs weekly settings (I don't really know if it is possible for me to lose 2 pounds a week but I am more concerned about the macronutrient ratio than going over w/ calories).

    Yesterday I only consumed 1500 calories! And walking home from school I burned almost 260 calories (I don't believe this whatsoever, though - I'm skeptical of exercise calorie counts' accuracy).

    My concern is that I am only hungry at meals and I eat until I'm satisfied.. I don't want to force myself to eat more. Is this a problem? What should I do?

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    your first mistake is in attaching the image instead of pasting it.

    nutrition spreadsheets? i spit on these.

    i count nothing.


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      Edited to paste the image

      and yeah I notice a dislike of "counting" but I like to keep records for a variety of reasons.


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        your reasons, i dislike them immediately.


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          Are you trying to lose weight?

          I think that generally a good goal would be to be able to eat when you are hungry, stop when you are staisfied, and maintain a healthy weight and strength.

          I usually just track when I eat in my journal. That way I can watch trends and not get too hung up on the numbers of it all, obsessing about the minute details can add stress and stress is not good.
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            My concern is that I am only hungry at meals and I eat until I'm satisfied.. I don't want to force myself to eat more. Is this a problem? What should I do?
            Sounds like your metabolism is working perfectly! Relax.

            My only suggestion is to make sure you eat more ruminants (beef/lamb) proportionately than poultry over your week. Better Omega 3:6 ratio.

            If you are losing too much, then you can add in some starchy carbs like sweet potatoes or some fruit.
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              Good advice.. yes I'm trying to lose weight.

              I'm not stressed at all, which is great. In fact, I feel way better than I have in a long time. I just like to keep track of things for records since this is kind of a trial-and-error experiment for me.


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                Dragonfly - thanks!

                I'll eat more ruminants.. I just have a hard time finding any grass-fed food other than beef and while I love beef I don't want to eat it every day. Might go exploring for some grass-fed lamb or bison this weekend.


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                  Are you trying to lose weight?
                  How much?



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                    Grizz - probably around 20 lbs or so but I don't need to live and die by the scale. Even after about 10 days of eliminating grains and processed foods I feel much better and some of my pants are falling off.


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                      You can speed up your weight loss by using the Dr. Kruse modified Paleo Diet that repairs your leptin receptors./
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                      Check into it to see if you qualify,


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                        Grizz - that's interesting but I don't have any food cravings, nor do I snack. My concern is more that I'm not eating enough as opposed to too much.

                        I'm just going to roll with it and see how it goes.


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                          The overall quality of your diet certainly looks good, but without more information about you (height, starting & goal weights) it can be hard to judge needed food quantity.

                          However, I'm glad I looked for your other thread, as it certainly seems with your age and an activity level that includes 2-4hrs of tennis every second day (certainly puts you in the athletic category) that 1500 calories is far too low. I could easily see caloric recommendations of near double that still leading to weight loss & improved physique at your level of activity. Hell, you could burn 800-1200 calories during that 2-4hours of tennis alone, never mind the other 20-22 hours of your day.

                          Oh, and losing 5-15lbs of weight in the first couple of weeks of a very low carb/ketogenic diet is to be expected, but for most people the bulk of that will not be fat (water fluctuations, glycogen in muscle, diet induced changes in intestine/colon contents, etc...), and maintaining that level of weekly weight loss past the first few weeks is difficult outside of the obese

                          As for suggestions, I'd say a bit more protein (+1g/LB LBM as a minimum), more healthy fats, and increased vegetables for carbs. Don't fear the sweet potato, squash, etc... and cooked greens like kale/cabbage/collards/beet/turnip... are a great source of nutrition (and tasty sauteed w garlic)

                          IMO I dislike the "eat until satiated" comments everyone always gets around here, because everybody's appetite is different. It is definitely possible to feel full and satiated after eating and still be at too great a caloric deficit for effective weight loss & fitness, especially when avoiding traditional staple foods.
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                            Thanks for your post.

                            I guess I will have to find what works.

                            I am 5'9, 183 pounds. Trying to get down to 155-165. Other than being overweight, I'm in decent shape (if that even makes sense anymore). I can run distances and play tennis for hours.

                            Now that the weather is getting colder I'm losing most of my playing partners and end up hitting against a wall to work on strokes, which is not on the athletic/training level of actually playing tennis so I'm not playing as much anymore.

                            I would consider eating more protein. My problem is that I get full and lose my appetite, probably because I'm not used to this diet. I am anticipating that my appetite will increase as my body acclimates to the new resources I'm giving it.

                            I'm considering picking up some whey to add protein. One of my semi-primal friends suggested full fat Fage yogurt which I do love, and I don't notice any ill response to dairy.


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                              I think the best way to get lots of proteins and calories are eating eggs,
                              nuts, bean, and milk.