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Coconut Flour a treat?

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  • Coconut Flour a treat?

    I know that almond flour should be used sparingly and as a treat but what about coconut flour. If I made muffins or savory baked goods out of it would say one a day of these things be fine or is it more like once per week?

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      It depends on what your goals are and if coconut flour helps or hurts you achieving your goals. Start with once a day if that really helps you be happy, and then see how it goes. Don't restrict yourself unless it is hurting your progress.


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        I am mostly wondering for my 2 yr old twins... they are growing and obviously have no fat to lose. I was curious about it because I saw some frittatas on nom nom paleo and to make them less liquidy the suggestion was to add a few tsp or tbsp of coconut flour to them. And also I noticed a lot of people baking with coconut flour as opposed to almond flour and was curious as to the reasoning of this and if it was health related.


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          Your answers can be found here:

          Long story short, coconut flour > almond flour.