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Research to pull out when confronted with CW

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  • Research to pull out when confronted with CW

    I just found this gem: which discusses the actual trends of food consumption in the US from 1970 to 1997. It's eye-opening and I would say that the trends have continued from there. Some nuggets:

    Saturated Fats from animal sources% of calories)
    1970 - 37% of calories. 1994 - 26% of calories.
    Yeah, it's the saturated fats making us fat, let's tax that. Whatever.
    Red meat (% of total meat supply)
    1970 - 74%. 1994 - 58%
    Chicken and Turkey (% of total meat supply)
    1970 -19%. 1997 - 34%
    Eggs (per person - includes shell eggs and egg products)
    1970 - 309. 1997- 234-244.
    Eggs (per person - shell eggs)
    1970 - 276. 1997 - 173.
    Milkfat from fluid (per capita)
    1970 - 9.1 lbs. 1997 - 5.8

    In the 1950's and 60's Saturated Fat was blamed for high cholesterol and so PUFAs were recommended for prevention of heart disease.
    1970 - 15 lbs per person. 1997 - 29 lbs per person.

    1970 - 136 lbs per person. 1997 - 200 lbs per person.

    Yep, must be the saturated fats.

    Any other studies people have found recently?


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    That's amazing data! I'll definitely keep that in my back pocket. Have you read "Wheat Belly" yet? It does a great job talking about the genetic changes made to wheat this past century. It's great info for counter arguing the whole "wheat is good for you and we've eaten it for thousands of years" line.


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      I just started it and it's fascinating. Finding MDA, and wheat belly and all the rest has sort of clicked everything into place for me.



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        Silly study, pork isn't read meat.
        In all of the universe there is only one person with your exact charateristics. Just like there is only one person with everybody else's characteristics. Effectively, your uniqueness makes you pretty average.


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          That's fascinating!