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Caloric Excess and activity level

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  • Caloric Excess and activity level

    ew months or so I've been tinkering with eating excess calories on lifting days (every third day), and having a caloric deficit on non-workout days. My goal is of course like everyone else, to put on muscle mass whilst losing fat. My goal currently is still body recomposition, but I was getting nowhere with this plan.

    So now I would like to focus on putting on muscle mass while minimizing fat gain. I have heard many testimonies of those who have gained muscle and lost fat at the same fat while leading a paleo lifestyle and am wondering if there is any merit to the claims?

    Some stats:

    6'2'', 185 lbs, about 10-12% bf, male, 20 yrs old
    -I eat 100% paleo with no exceptions food-wise
    -Always get 1-1.5 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight
    -I do drink on the weekends as I am in college but I keep it under control in comparison to the average college student
    -My sleep and rest isn't great but hey that's college, I sleep in when I can and am constantly taking naps

    Right now I've been consuming around 3000 calories per day in an attempt to gain mass. Carbs are higher on lifting days, around 150 grams, and lower on non-workout days, sub-100 grams always. I also take long walks, about 4-5 miles about once to twice a week and I do sprints or play intramural football once a week. Aside from that physical activity is mostly walking to all of my classes. A standard lifting day looks like this:

    Backsquat: 5 sets, progressive loading each set until near-failure. Final set is roughly 90% of my 1RM
    DB Bench Press: 4 sets: 160x6, 180Xmax, 160Xmax, 140Xmax
    Weighted Chins w/30lb: 3Xmax reps
    Weighted Dips w/45 lb: 3Xmax reps
    BB Rows: 2XMax reps

    Any advice or personal experience would be greatly appreciated! I definitely don't want to simply get fat so let me know if I should be worried about this plan. Thanks!
    Alex Peterson-
    Nutritional Consultant
    Creator of The Whole Muscle Diet and the Whole Muscle Blog

    The authority on nutrition for strength and lean mass gains without the use of supplements, meal-timing, or other unnecessary diet methods.

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    well, i would not do max reps. perhaps less reps and higher weights.

    also, the rest, you need more rest. college is no excuse; you must become more efficient. the rest, it is just as important as the training.

    and lastly, the drinking, it does not matter how much who drinks, perhaps you have too many. if it is the case of one binge night a week, and i do not know if it is binge (but saying less than average student sounds evasive), then you need to curtail this too.


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      Originally posted by PaleoAP View Post
      6'2'', 185 lbs, about 10-12% bf, male, 20 yrs old