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Roasted Chicken Heads

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  • Roasted Chicken Heads

    I butchered my own chickens for the first time, and I kept all the parts mostly because I think organs and severed heads are entertaining.

    Think I'll die if I roast the heads and eat 'em?


    I'M NOT DEAD!!!! 8D I almost did die, but that was only when an eyeball exploded eye juice into my cleavage. Do not want.

    So basically, chicken heads taste like chicken. Except the brains, which taste like . . . a bit like the livers, oddly. I have no idea what the eyes taste like because I wasn't brave enough to eat them. As you suspected, not much to eat on a chicken head, really. Next time I'll put 'em in the slow cooker, because that seems to make -everything- edible.

    This is them going into the mini oven:

    And coming out of the mini oven. Yeah, that doesn't look edible AT ALL. Also, I couldn't be bothered to properly clean off all the little feather stubs.


    OM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM. Let the cock/head jokes begin . . .


    This, ladies and gentlemen, is a chicken brain. About the size of the tip of my thumb. Frankly, I'm surprised it's that big.

    Now don't everyone clamor for the recipe all at once.
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    You are braver than I! We butchered our turkeys 3 weeks ago and I was greatfull not to have to look at the heads much less eat them! I was so overwhelmed and exhausted - 6 turkeys in one day was too much for me to pluck or skin and find a cool place for! I didn't even keep the feet for broth as I just wanted to get it done! I fed the hearts raw to my 3 sled dogs and saved the livers to make pate. I've always hated liver, but this I could choke down a bit! Really not bad at all. The meat is wonderfull - even if I can bearly get the sucker in the oven to cook em. The Toms were like 45lbs! After this experience, I plan on raising my own chickens for food as well.


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      I doubt you'll die, but to be sure I need to see a picture of the roasted heads on a food porn thread.
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        lord yes i wanna see that. It sounds macabre! in honestly i can't see what they'd be good for. Even fish heads really don't have any good stuff on them.

        are you gonna put their heads on little skewers, like little coup d'etat victims? LOL!


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          I've heard the combs are delicious, and if chickens have brains I imagine those are pretty good too. (but they can't be very big, haha.) I'll probably throw them in the toaster oven, maybe with some spices. Pics tonight!

          Coup d'etat victims, HAHAHAHAHA!!!!


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            I would starve to death if I had to butcher my own food. My hat's off to you people who can.
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              I can't wait to see the pictures. lol.


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                I did it! XD


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                  So sexy. lol.


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                    I believe eating chicken heads is why we domesticated dogs. No way on my plate but I'm sure my greyhounds would love them.

                    You could probably get a job with Andrew Zimmern!
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                      Originally posted by Barefoot Paul View Post
                      So sexy. lol.
                      Inorite. There really ought to be a NSFW in the title somewhere.

                      Originally posted by kennelmom View Post
                      I believe eating chicken heads is why we domesticated dogs. No way on my plate but I'm sure my greyhounds would love them.

                      You could probably get a job with Andrew Zimmern!
                      I LOVE ANDREW ZIMMERN <3 He's a great chef, though, and I am clearly not. XD

                      My cats were not the least bit interested in these. In fact, they looked frankly disgusted, HAHA.