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Whole30, is it worth it?

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    Originally posted by McChunky;
    The reason I regret doing it was a felt very restricted on it and it made me more obsessive about things I wasn't obsessing about before.

    Anyway, it's definitely different for everyone but if you're already chugging along quite well, don't feel the need to punish yourself.
    I had the same problem with a "30day challenge" of my own devising. I tried to drop my afternoon snack for convenience reasons and to try to keep my insulin level low. I was doing well for a couple of weeks, but then started obsessing about food. I don't
    have an eating disorder and I don't want one, so I quit.

    I agree, the 80/20 attitude works so much better for me.

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      FairyRae, you hit the nail on the head. I did struggle with anorexia in my youth. I've realized I need to stay away from anything that allows me to be super strict on myself and actually encourages it.


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        I'm on day 25 of my whole 30 challenge, and honestly, I do not find it a good addition to my life. I've experienced no positive changes, and also experiencing some negative changes (fatigue, nausea, irritability). I think it's mostly because I'm neither physically nor psychologically ready to give up the last 25% of my diet (sugar, diet coke, and occasional other stuff like sushi or onion rings w ketchup). I like the idea better of drifting closer and closer to clean living as your body and psyche naturally feel ready. I totally get why Whole 30 works for some people, but trying to force myself to eat a certain way just leaves me feeling resentful and deprived.