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Help with gut flora and sleep.

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  • Help with gut flora and sleep.

    A little while ago I posted a rant in Odds and Ends about issues with fibromyalgia, fatigue and brain-fog, and how primal hasn't been helping the way I was hoping it would. The general consensus of suggestions were threefold - that I see a naturopath, that it might be an issue with gut flora, and that it might be an issue with sleep.

    Alas, two out of the three naturopaths in my area call this shining beacon their alma mater, and...uh, no. So, while I see if I can find a non-woo option, I thought I'd try to address the other two suggestions.

    First, gut flora. I can't eat dairy at all, so yogurt is a no-go. I know kimchee is fermented, so apart from that, what else can I eat/take to help?

    Second, sleep. I know I don't sleep well because of one of my allergy meds. I already wear ear plugs and an eye mask, and drink a quadruple-strength tisane of chamomile, valerian, skullcap and other such herbs before bedtime. I've tried taking valerian supplements, but...well, let's just say that if improving my intestinal function is one of my goals, they're best avoided.

    Any suggestions are welcome and appreciated!

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    Coconut yogurt is really tasty and has cultures in it. It's non dairy too. Watch the sugar though, So Coconut Yogurt has a lot of sugar in it.

    Also, my sleeping has improved since I started primal. Try experimenting some more with the times you go to bed, or you could just go to bed when you're tired.

    Fribro is also "Idiopathic," which means they have no real idea why it happens to people, though I'm sure it has everything to do with a lifetime of grains (hey I could be wrong :-P.)

    If all else fails, go try massage therapy (cause I'm a therapist and LOVE to work with fibro clients.) It's another one of those natural things that grokers tend to overlook.

    My brain also lost the "Fog of Grains" once I dropped 'em. You can help bring your brain back by supplementing omega-3 eggs in the morning. Though you can totally skip breakfast and ride animal fats all day.
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      Garden of Life Primal Defense is hands-down the best probiotic I have ever used. The results are noticeable, but the price is prohibitive. Right now I use the New Chapter probiotics. I guess they're good, but I didn't have the experience of actually noticing a marked difference in certain health issues the way I do when I take the Primal Defense.

      The best thing I did for my sleep besides turning my bedroom into a black cave was to quit consuming caffeine and start practicing yoga.