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Getting Lean without counting it possible?

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  • Getting Lean without counting it possible?

    Hi all, I follow a PB life style most of the time and have lost weight as a result. I'm currently about 12% bodyfat but would like to drop to single-digit bodyfat (8% would be good). In order to get to that level of leanness, do I need to count calories or will single-digit bodyfat "just happen" if I contine the PB lifestyle?


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    Well 12% is pretty damn lean and 8% will be REALLY lean. I'd love to be 12%!!!

    I noticed you said you follow PB "most" of the time. The closer you get to lower body fat targets, the harder they will be to attain. To get to your desired level, it will probably take perfection in everything (sleep, food, supplementation, workout frequency/intensity, etc.), and YES, you will most likely need to restrict calories by some measureable amount. And because of the precision that it will require, YES, you will most likely be successful using a weighed and measured approach.

    Expect your performance to drop off both as a result of the calorie restriction and the further reduction of body fat...even though you will be at the upper end of "essential" body fat (assuming you're a man), that does not mean it will be optimal?

    The real question I guess is "why" do you want to be 8%? What is the significance of that number? Is it simply an arbitrary drive to be at single-digit BF%, or is there some athletic and functional reason why want to be 8% BF?
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      Sure - just eat not-so-much and keep track of your body. Make sure to do strength training as not to lose too much muscle.


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        Try only eating fruit when it's in season and consuming 2 Tbsp of coconut oil before every meal.


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          I've already lost 15lbs by living most primal but I've still got remnants of luv-handles :-)
          I reckon I've still got 4-5 lbs to go before I'd describe myself as being lean......


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            I went from 8% BF to 6.5% BF going Paleo, no calorie counting. The question is: has your weight loss stalled? If not, keep doing what you're doing


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              @humpbackwhale ... does the 2Tbsp coconut oil before every meal really help with fat loss ... i'm struggling to lose my last 6kg (13.2lbs) over the last year i lost 20kg (44lbs) and got leaner since following PB but the last few have been an uphill battle. I eat some greek yoghurt and decided to cut it out as well as nuts starting today to see if it helps but am keen to try anything else that is PB friendly as well.


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                Originally posted by DiscoStew View Post
                Hi all, I follow a PB life style most of the time and have lost weight as a result. I'm currently about 12% bodyfat but would like to drop to single-digit bodyfat (8% would be good). In order to get to that level of leanness, do I need to count calories or will single-digit bodyfat "just happen" if I contine the PB lifestyle?
                Counting calories is superstitious. Try lifting some heavy ass weights.


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                  it's a good idea to know whether you are under or over eating, so you might consider just adding in fasting if you don't want to count calories. or just lifting heavier, which always makes a difference.

                  also, just bask in your own awesomeness. it does a lot for the body's sense of itself. i find i'm leaner the more i complement my body's ability to be awesome.


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                    i'm not lean, but i do not get very fat because i fast once a week, and other days i drink a lot of milk because i am lifting and want to get swole so i can exert my will on those around me


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                      I know it's possible to get 8% BF lean without counting calories because I did it in college -- I rowed crew as a lightweight and I had to get very lean to make weight for competitions while remaining as strong as possible. I kind of ate by feel day by day. I'd eat until i was just full enough to not think about food for a while, then rinse and repeat. Cutting out any and all junk took discipline. I also did this while I was training very hard -- like 10-12 workouts a week, many being VO2 Max intensity.

                      Here's the truth though -- it sucked. Not so much the diet itself... but the fact that I was in a constant state of mental uncertainty worrying about whether I was eating enough/too much all the time. I'm currently trying to cut again to this level of leanness, and as of last week I am tracking my calories via

                      If anything, knowing exactly what's going in/out gives me peace of mind. As long as I'm posting a daily calorie defecit, I know that some of my fat has dissapeared. This certainty is a nice relief.

                      Some other benefits to counting calories:
                      1) You get great insight to your long term consumption patters, and you might be surprised at how much/little of something you're actually getting
                      2) You hold yourself accountable for what you eat -- it becomes harder to snack on those indulgences knowing you will have to log them
                      3) You're in control: You really can set up your fat loss plan and timeline and honestly assess your progress against your predetermined goals

                      People tend to be against counting calories here... and I sort of was too at some point. But the honest truth is that the only final determining factor of whether or not you're going to lose weight is if you burn more calories than you eat. If counting helps you set up your routine so that you can achieve that defecit, and you don't mind doing it, then why not? It's really easy to do nowadways with tools like fitday.
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                        It doesn't sound like you are already at 12% bf. Males tend to underestimate.

                        Anyway. Is it possible? Yes. Eat extremely strictly on plan, stop eating as soon as you are not hungry and lift heavy and sprint.

                        Is it fun or the best way? Probably not.
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                          speaking of body fat, are there any decent calculators online for BF %?


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                            Where do you get the 12% measurement from, DiscoStew?

                            Besides IF (1-2 meals a day between 12pm and 8pm), one thing that works for me is eating my lean protein with green vegetables first before I touch the starch/fruit carbs or the fatty stuff. Satiation kicks in rapidly and helps limit the calories.


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                              I weight train 3 times a week......with heavy weights.....

                              About the only thing I'm not doing is sprinting.....would sprinting help loose those last few lbs?