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Constipation issue ( sorry guys! )

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  • Constipation issue ( sorry guys! )

    I'm fairly new to the Primal diet ( as you can see from my signature below).

    Unfortunately, ever since I've started the primal diet, I've been constipated, but not that the stools are too hard ( I think, to be honest I can't really tell), but I feel as if i'm not really getting a signal at all to go, twice I've resorted to senna (laxattes) laxatives after not going for 5 days and getting worried+ stomach bloating and feeling pulled down.

    I don't want to become laxative dependent.
    Since starting the diet my appetite has been quite low, but I'm pretty sure I have not , not eaten enough to cause not going for 5 days!
    I've heard about raising the fat, i've done that to an extent. ( such as eating nuts daily and eating chicken/ chicken skin from my aunt's farm, and when cooking [ i'm a newbie with cooking too btw!] I use butter or extra virgin olive oil )
    I'm hearing different views on fibre intake.
    Daily I take 1-3 Omega 3 tablets, and on some days ( if I don't forget) my multivitamin. If not multivitamin, I take 1 vitamin C tablet daily.

    What's the deal? :/

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    This exact same thing happened to me when I started with the Omega-3 pills. I wasn't really constipated, but didn't go to the can more than maybe once every 7 days. When I did go, it was more like puking, but the other way. Not very pleasant at all.
    When I quit taking the fish oil I "normalized" immediately.
    So my tip is to lay off the Omega-3 for a week and see what happens.



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      Oh gosh, I thought I replied to this ! Sorry D:
      Actually, the morning after I sent this my bowels went back to normal , ( Although I did not take my omega 3 that day! )


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        Add a LOT more vegetables.


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          Visit That guy knows everything about constipation, and he's a proponent of Paleo.
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