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New Primal looking for some advice!

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  • New Primal looking for some advice!

    Hey Guys, I have been Primal now for a week and am really enjoying the no grain/low carb lifestyle. I keep reading that this type of diet allows you to eat less frequently, however, I am still hungry every two to three hours ago. I was a vegetarian consuming aroung 450 grams of carbs a day, and living a very active lifestyle of p90x. I was like many of you previously mislead into believing CW about high carb diets being the key to long healthy lifestyle. However, I read Marks book and decided to give this a shot.

    I am currently eating around 3000 calories a day, roughly 100 grams of carbs, 170-180 grams of fat, and roughly 200 grams of protein.

    I am 5'11 and 147 pounds, roughly 5-6% body fat and in very good shape. I am not looking to loose weight obviously, just trying to maintain and or build some lean muscle mass, in no rush tho.

    Typical day of eating for me


    3 whole free range organic eggs, 2 egg whites, handful of sunflower seeds cooked in Coconut oil

    Snack/Post workout

    1.5 scoops of all natural whey protein powder, 1 granny smith apple, 4 TBPS of hemp hearts

    Lunch - Similar to Marks B.A.S.

    3 large handfuls of organic mixed greens, red, orange and yellow bell peppers, red sweet onion, cucumber, handful of walnuts, and homemade raspberry vinegrette


    LARGE Handful of Almonds and or walnuts and 2 or 3 Hard Boiled free range organic eggs


    Broccoli, Brussels sprouts steamed with coconut oil, fresh wild salmon, chicken or tilapia. Handful of nuts

    If I am hungry later on after dinner will add Celery with raw almond butter

    So basically I am asking if my diet looks ok, and also when did you guys start being able to go more then a few hours without food. ? Also, how long til I should start IF?


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    Wow, that's quite a few meals you're having there in a day If you only started Primal a week ago, your body is most likely still going through readjusting. How are your energy levels?

    I wouldn't IF for more than 15 hours until I can make sure I completely understand this diet and the process behind IF'ing. The reason for that is that for me personally I stopped being hungry between IF'in completely once I completely understood what's going on in my body during those periods of time when I don't supply it with food (15-24 hrs). Before that I would always feel like I'm hungry.

    I think your daily food log looks pretty decent. Give it a little time and your body will re-adjust and it will start letting you know when you're actually hungry instead of simply craving certain things because you're still dependent on energy from carbs.


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      I figured I was still adjusting as I am coming from a very HIGH carb diet. My energy levels are pretty good so far, I get a bit tired during the day and have been enjoying a few naps. I am hoping to get my meals down to 3 and a snack hopefully. I have cut down cardio until I get this under control. I am going to wait until my body is used to the diet/change in lifestyle until I start adding I.F.