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  • Cheap Primal - Go for broke!

    So what are your cheap hacks for going primal? Can't cook bacon in the house often (wife gets sick when she smells it, might try to cook it all in one go for breakfast one day this week)

    Lose that belly!
    Gain that muscle!
    Take care of that baby! (diapers and all)

    Spend under 100 dollars for myself for the whole week.

    (I'm skipping organic this month, I know it's terrible but another month in the grand scheme of things might not be so bad... )

    List of foods so far:
    Eggs (1$ a dozen at price chopper)
    Tunafish (have lots of that!)
    Salad greens
    Root Veggies
    Chicken Thighs
    Whey Protein Isolate (running out, plus I might try the egg white protein and add coconut milk to it)
    Coconut Milk
    Make your own Coconut butter (shredded coconut)
    Grassfed Beef dogs
    Pork Butt
    Chicken Breasts

    Other suggestions:
    Cloth diapers (Gotta build up the money to buy em.)
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    eggs. eggs. eggs.


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      Find a latin meat market. I've seen ground beef for $1.20/lb and chicken thighs for $.79/lb.


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        eggs, tuna fish, salad greens, root veggies-- all inexpensive viable options

        cheapest thing I can suggest for diapers is to go the cloth diaper route & launder them yourself.
        --Trish (Bork)


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          Thanks, keep the ball rolling.
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            We find other things to cut out of our budget (i. e. no cable tv, used cars with no payments instead of new with high payments, turn off the A/C as soon as we can when the Texas heat subsides) so that we can buy decent quality food. It is worth it. The nutritional value of pasture raised eggs is far superior to conventional eggs. Grass-fed beef is amazing stuff as far as healthy omega-3's go compared to conventional beef. Raw milk unbelievable. These are 3 things my family switched to this year.
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              Making your own coconut butter/paste, milk, etc... from unsweetened shredded Coconut is considerably cheaper than purchasing canned Coconut milk and can be done with just a food processor & fine metal strainer (I use a tea strainer) or cheesecloth. The texture when cold isn't quite as smooth as canned (solidifies in fridge more than canned, likely more concentrated) but works great for cooking/baking/etc...

              I can't seem to find full-fat coconut milk for anything less than $1.50-$2 a can, and most seems around 20% fat by volume
              (12-15g per 60ml, 80-100g per 400ml can)
              A 400g bag of unsweetened shredded coconut can be found for like $2, and is at least 2/3rds fat by weight, with the rest being fiber/net carb/protein at a 2:2:1 ratio (+260g fat per bag)
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                Goat. Dirt cheap and delicious. Offal if you can hang with that.


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                  I've been buying meat at Costco. They have an organic ground beef for less than $5/pound. Applegate organic grass-fed beef hotdogs at Trader Joe's are cheap per serving, too.

                  If you can find a buying club near you (co-op, what have you), grass-fed meat is usually cheaper that way.

                  As to diapers...Buy used! They last a long time, though several kids if taken care of properly. Diaperswappers is one site; Craigslist if you live in a crunchy urban area. Too bad you can't get them on eBay anymore.

                  If you need to go really cheap, buy good quality prefolds, 2 dozen in the tiny size, a dozen in the premium, and 3-4 covers. Works great. If you have the upfront money, 20-24 one-sized All-in-ones are still cheaper than 2-3 years of disposable use.


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                    Cheap cuts like briskets and pork butt. A crock pot or pressure cooker can turn this into some tender, tasty stuff.


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                      Frozen wild salmon at grocery outlet. Heck almost all my primal fare comes from grocery outlet or trader joe's. I only get $45.00 per week and have leftover food very often. Here's a typical grocery list:

                      Seven cans aroyo-D coconut milk
                      Two frozen sides of salmon
                      Four avocados
                      Greens, including fresh, and frozen bags of pesticide-free spinach and broccoli from joe's. Lots of greens, even fresh baby greens, whatever is available and cheap but healthy.
                      Sweet potatoes
                      Organic apples (ouch on the wallet!)
                      Three or four cans of oysters on water
                      Five cans of mackerel (Probably the healthiest fish on the planet!)
                      Sometimes a mango or two, but fruit comes last since it's a treat.
                      That's probably about it most of the time, aside from the tallow I make myself and occasional foray into liver, etc.
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                        Will echo what others have said about grass fed ground beef. Worth the price for the nutrition IMHFO.


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                          Originally posted by Paleobird View Post
                          Goat. Dirt cheap and delicious. Offal if you can hang with that.
                          Oh yeah, I saw that there's a Halal butcher near me. I plan on paying them a visit this weekend.
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                            Shizzle! Forgot to mention Bones.

                            Bones go in crock pot, 48 hours later super nutritious broth comes out. Very cheap, very good for you.

                            And cabbage.

                            That is all.


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                              As mentioned, eggs are cheap even when organic and cage free (comparatively expensive but cheap overall still). Also, even Wal-Mart has some organic produce selections, so you can save money there as well. $100 a week should way more than enough for whatever anyway. I don't think Grok used diapers. Just ditch them altogether.

                              Edit: Also keep an eye out for sales. They had near expired organic beef hotdogs and ground grass fed buffalo on clearance for half off the other day locally. Needless to say I bought it all. That's what they make freezers for.
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