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    So my day starts with coffee. It also continues with coffee throughout the day and into the evening. On average, I drink between four (4) and six (6) pots of coffee a day.

    Before Primal, a cup of coffee consisted of 2 packages of Sweet-n-Low (I know, but I like the bitterness of it), and a decent amount of non-dairy creamer.

    I've been Primal for a week. I was able to cut the sweetener pretty readily, but not the creamer.

    Now, before y'all tell me about the joys of Cream, or Half-n-Half, etc. please understand I am lactose intolerant. Not a little bit, but a lot. Like fetal-position puking, and the whole nine yards.

    Is there any kind of non-dairy creamer I can eat? I was kind of thinking of coconut milk, but I've never had it...

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    Hey there, I love my coffee also! Im pretty new to the whole paleo/primal thing but I dived right into the coconut stuff, its been awesome

    Try either coconut milk or even better a big dollop of coconut cream, its delicious. I also like to put in a bit of stevia, pretty much the only natural sweetener which gets semi-approval from the paleo standpoint.


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      oh you can also try almond milk, but its not as good as coconut milk in my opinion. Great for protein shakes tho


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        I agree adding coconut or almond milk is a good alternative to dairy. I like almond milk and stevia.


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          " Crack Coconut Creamer"
          following my nose...: A Primal Non-Dairy Coffee Creamer


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            between four and six pots? pots or cups?


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              If that's all high test you're doing some damage. I hope you do decaff in the afternoon at least.


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                I always used to use some sort of creamer in mine... but then i slowly progressed to full bodied dark roasts... now I drink it black beacuse with the full body and vivid flavor profile I dont need it.

                I still use half and half in weak coffee though.

                Nutshell.. dry a full bodied dark roast black.. If it is a no go all the above options are good as well


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                  Originally posted by Adrianag View Post
                  THIS.... It is CRACK!!! OMG I could eat it w/o the coffee!!!
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                    Actually, dark roasts tend to taste like the flavor of raosting as opposed to the flavor of the beans, so you can go middle or even bottom shelf beans if dark roast is your thing. For medium roasts, you really get the flavor of the beans, which is good if the beans are good and bad otherwise...

                    For creamer alternatives I will sometimes use coconut milk or shave a little cacao butter over top, but this is only if I'm not drinking a good-flavored city roast, in which case I take it black as night.


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                      You can also try just a Tbs of plain coconut oil. It kind of sits on the top and doesn't mix perfectly, but it adds a good smoothness.


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                        four (4) and six (6) pots of coffee a day?!? Are you *@$%# serious?? Even if you meant to say cups, that's still waaaay too much. First off, get down to 1-2 cups a day. And the way I'd suggest doing that is to give it up completely for at least 2-4 weeks in order to break then habit, then add it back once the craving is gone. As for what to put in it, I just drink it with some coconut milk and no sweeteners.


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                          For starters switch to half decalf and half regular, then start cutting back the quantity.


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                            I really, really like coconut milk (the whole kind in the can - not the So Delicious brand) in my coffee. I mix the whole can with a couple of tablespoons of vanilla extract and it is super-yummy. The coconut milk adds a smoothness and creaminess to the coffee like dairy cream would. Add a single drop of stevia extract to your coffee with this, and it is super-yum!

                            Note: Get the coconut milk in the can (or make it yourself). The kind in the carton is way watered-down and has a bunch of (mostly benign) additives in it. The canned version is usually in the ethnic foods section.


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                              This is coming from a recovering coffee junkie. For a long time I was counting my intake in 'pots' as well... well I wasn't really counting, but it was a lot. I discovered coffee in my teens when I worked the late shift at a popular fast food joint. After the shift the crew would go to the 24 hour coffee shop and drink coffee and smoke cigarettes (you could do that back then) until the sun came up. Literally. Since I didn't really like the bitterness I always took double-doubles (2 cream, 2 sugar), or as my friend called it, the 'Kid's Drink'. Over time I moved away from the sugar and creme and now I drink it black. I found that each time I dialed down the sweetness or richness I also drank less. I'm 2 cups a day now and to no ill effect.