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2 days left on $79 special for NMR LipoProfile

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  • 2 days left on $79 special for NMR LipoProfile has a special this month for the NMR LipoProfile test. It's usually $129, for the next 2 days it's $79.

    If you go through your doctor it is usually not covered by insurance and will cost you as much as $167.

    Description: The NMR LipoProfileŽ test is an advanced cardiovascular diagnostic test that uses nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy to uniquely provide rapid, simultaneous and direct measurement of LDL particle number and size of LDL particles, as well as direct measurement of HDL and VLDL subclasses. This detailed lipoprotein particle information allows clinicians to make more effective individualized treatment decisions than previously possible based on standard lipid panel testing. The atherosclerotic culprit is LDL particle number, not LDL cholesterol. The NMR LipoProfile test differentiates CHD risk in patients who may have similar cholesterol values, especially when the LDL cholesterol is at or near ATP III treatment goals.

    You place your order online and pay for it. Then you take the requisition to a local LabCorp location to have the blood drawn. You must be fasting.

    You can schedule the appointment for the blood work online following the link from