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  • back to work food bag!

    Ok... tomorrow marks the first real week of work... (i worked 3 days a week and a half ago.. i didn't have a food bag and struggled the whole time)... since may.. (i loved being a trophy wife all summer)(actually i had surgery on my feet.. but i pretended i was a trophy wife.. awesome!)... i have been eating 90% primal for 2 months and feel great.. and have made sure that my work uniform still fits... so now that i am headed back i have to completely rethink my food bag! (i am a flight attendant and arrange my schedule to work 6 on 8 off... so 6 days is a lot to plan and pack for)

    here is an overview of my plan... please feel free to offer any suggestions especially on days 5 and 6 where i am struggling with keeping food fresh that long. Bear in mind that i don't necessarily have access to a grocery store and all my food is kept in a cooler that i pour ice over... (if you see a flight attendant walking through the airport with a rolling frigidaire that may be me... please say hi) we don't always have a fridge in our rooms nor a microwave... so i have to plan on not.

    days 1-2: 3pm ish to 11pm ish shift
    Day one: (this is about a 20 hour day with commuting to work and then working my shift)
    fast until dinner then big cobb salad i will make at home and eat on plane
    little snack of italian dried salami and cheese

    Day two:
    Egg salad i will make at home and eat in hotel
    snack before work: same as day one
    a primal meal i have frozen and vacuumed sealed (meat sauce poured over spaghetti squash) i will heat it up on the plane by soaking the bag in hot water. and a romaine salad that i will pack from home

    Day three:
    same as day two (only sausage and grilled veggies)

    days 4-6 are early morning shifts... so i will have about 6 hours actual sleep time between the shifts...

    Day four:
    fast until dinner
    buy dinner at hotel... probably meat and salad

    Day five:
    cottage cheese that i am hoping will last this long and an apple chopped up with macadamia nuts
    snack of almonds, dried cherries and dark chocolate
    dinner at hotel

    Day 6:
    cottage cheese with apples and macadamia nuts... then fast rest of day until I buy dinner in airport while waiting to commute back to my home (this day i will be up a total of about 20 hours with working and commuting)

    does this sound doable?... for some reason when i step across the threshold onto the plane i am instantly starving so i am hoping to be well prepared with alternatives to crap food on plane by packing or planning to fast...

    again any suggestions or ideas will be appreciated... i am sort of excited to see how this works...

    "our business in life is not to
    get ahead of others,
    but to get ahead of ourselves...
    to break our own records,
    to outstrip our yesterday
    by our today"

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    Wow, talk about a hectic schedule! Awesome that you're hanging tough to the plan though.

    I'm not sure I could come with a better plan for you, but here are a few things I've found to be great for the road that you might want to incorporate into future trips:

    >> jerky
    >> canned fish
    >> dried seaweed (or SeaSnax)
    >> Tanka bars
    >> canned coconut milk

    Have a great trip!
    It's never too late to be who you might have been. -- George Eliot