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    Hi everyone,

    New to the forum - looking to go Primal for health benefits (have had M.E. for many years and hoping to gain some energy).

    I am just about to order the ' Primal Blueprint' book. Was hoping I could start before the book arrives though. There is a lot of info already on this site which I am going through, but is there any in particular that would give me enough information to start right away? Just trying to work out what foods I need to buy in and start eating for breakfast/lunch/dinner.

    Thanks in advance

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    Focus on veggies, meat, eggs, and healthy fats (butter, olive oil, coconut oil, animal fats). If you eat dairy, buy full-fat. Make sure you get protein and fat at each meal.

    Skip the grains, sugars, juice, beans, and soy products.

    There is a vast amount of info on the site. It's great info, but can be hard to search and navigate through. The book is very good, it presents the information in a manageable format and makes it much easier to see the whole picture.

    Welcome to MDA!

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      hey gaz4 & welcome! the beauty of eating primal is that it is very simple. the basic premise is that if it wasn't around 10,000 yrs ago don't eat it! as long as you stick to the perimeter of the grocery store you should be fine, however, avoid processed dairy and starchy veggies like potatoes, sweet potatoes and yams.

      for breakfast i do eggs with veggies and a side of berries along with a cup of coffee or tea (with heavy cream)

      for lunch i usally do a salad with veggies, fish, shrimp or chicken (i use ranch dressng for my salads, may not be too primal but i love it, plus it doesn't have any carbs)

      for dinner i like to change it up but i basically eat beef, chicken, or fish with a large side of veggies

      as for snacks, i usually do nuts. i also love cut up apples & dip them in almond butter.

      as for drinks i do water, coffee, tea & the occassional beer (yes you can drink beer when going primal)

      there is no counting calories, carbs or fat grams. this really is a way of living your life. i'm no expert & there are alot of others on this forum that really know their stuff but we all started off the same way so that's really comforting. please do understand that it will take some time for your body to adjust to eating this way. however, just like with anything else its mostly mental so you really need to be in tune with this in order to be successful. also i opted not to exercise the first week or so i went primal just so my body would have some time to adjust and i wouldn't overload my system. just remember that its almost impossible not to lose weight & feel better when going primal! good luck!


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        Thanks for the fast replies, good to have somewhere for advice and help! I will be starting asap. One thing thats on my mind though is losing weight. I am already quite thin and I don't want to lose anymore. Would that be a case of making sure I eat more fats while being primal? (nuts, oils, avacados etc?) if anything I would rather put on a bit weight, but the main thing is not to lose any.


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          Also new here with the same issue as gaz, thin to begin with. Almost done reading TPB, just got it yesterday and can't put it down. Looking forward to seeing how this works. Any suggestions on mail order organic meats?



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            Mark has a great post on how to gain weight/muscle on the PB: