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What's your favourite primal treat food?

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  • What's your favourite primal treat food?

    I am looking for ways to spice things up

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    Eggs, I boil a bunch of eggs in the morning, peel them, and I pop one whenever I remember. This is a great treat and you get the protein, you get strong.


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      Dark chocolate, red wine and an apple every now and again.


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        Coconut Manna, dark chocolate, hard cider


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          Frozen blueberries are awesome.
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              Canned octopus in olive oil or smoked salmon. Yum!


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                Pork rinds are my favorite occasional treat. I'm now trying to exercise the ability to only eat HALF of a 3 oz bag at a time.....


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                  coconut flour pancakes or turnip fries with homemade ketchup! NOM NOM NOM!

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                    My current favorite is this recipe. Sooo good
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                      Originally posted by Kenzington View Post
                      Pork rinds are my favorite occasional treat. I'm now trying to exercise the ability to only eat HALF of a 3 oz bag at a time.....


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                        almonds with dried cherries and dark chocolate with a glass of cabernet
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                          2nd the pork rinds. Rather than tortilla chips with your guacamole, try some pork rinds.

                          On the sweet side: berries and cream.


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                            Primal "Sludge" (found this when I was a gym-rat!)

                            1 tbsp almond butter
                            1 scoop protien power (chocolate is best, IMHO)
                            Frozen blueberries

                            Mix almond butter and protein power together, adding water to get the consistency you want. Throw in some frozen blueberries and enjoy. If you want ice cream, freeze for 1/2 hour or so
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                              1. Ribeye steak - so good

                              2. Coconut chocolate squares - toast coconut flakes in coconut oil, add butter, a tiny bit of honey, and dark chocolate. Melt it all together then press into a dish, harden, cut into squares and eat. Too good to have around very much.

                              3. Fage yogurt with coconut flakes, raspberries, and shaved dark chocolate.

                              4. Dark chocolate with cold kerrygold butter spread on top.

                              5. Frozen coconut cream with warm berries.

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