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  • Gaining Weight, What to Eat, Vegetables

    I am trying to increase Calorie Intake to 2000+, but the trouble is, I am an unemployed student and often wake up around 12, so only really have a window for two meals a day .

    But here is my dilemma
    I eat a lot and big portions of veg, Mushrooms, Asparagus, Broccoli, Couliflouer, Carrots and Paprikas
    When I am eating a meal, I find that I can't eat as much chicken, or eggs, and increase the calorie intake because the veg stuffs me up pretty good.

    My question is:
    Should I limit my veg, how little of it should I eat, does it contribute a lot when trying to gain muscle weight?

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    I just had 4 Eggs and a Tin of Mackerel, thats 480 Calories
    Tea with D.Cream 200 Calories
    = 680 Calores for Breakfast….But Zero Veg...


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      Vegetables have very little calories, but you could always put a few table spoons of extra virgin olive oil on top of them that would add 250-300 calories and like 25g of fat. Reading the label for exact values of course. This way you could easily cut out 1-2 eggs possibly, don't know how much food you can consume lol.

      Also you could try eating and apple or banana with breakfast that another 150-200 per fruit. Or you could just start waking up at 8-9 and getting 3 meals in the right way and improve your sleep schedule that will help you all around! Good Luck.

      And do you mean you are gaining weight in a good way or a bad way? If trying to gain you could also bring an apple or some other types of fruit with you and snack on those in between classes to get your calories up. I know how you feel man I find it hard to even eat 1800 with 3 meals I do a lot of snacking which I am not too happy about but then again I am where I want to be so whatever.
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        a thousand calories should not be that hard to get, you the protein first, add butter/coconut oil/olive oil to cooking process for the protein and/or veggies, add butter/coconut oil/olive oil to the serving process of the protein and/or veggies. If you are doing heavy workouts you may also want to include some sweet potato or white rice or white potato to ensure you have enough energy to get through the day.

        How many hours a day are you sleeping? If you are sleeping till noon but going to bed at 2am you would still have time for 3 meals. However, I have seen quite a few threads about IFing as well as fitting food intake into a small time frame and these people do it on purpose. you might want to do a search here.
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          Not knowing your location the best I can offer is to try to find a spanish/latino meat market. I'm in the northeast US and there are at least a few in each major city. They usually sell very high fat % ground beef for less than 2$ per pound. When I was eating 1 meal a day I'd cook up anywhere between 1-2lbs of the beef with a large onion, pepper, and some mushrooms. A day's worth of food for around 6-7$, and well over 2000 calories.


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            I third the motion to just add more fat to your diet.
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              You can always drink you calories. Milk will gain you weight. Do it post workout so the insulin response is directed to your muscles.

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                Thanks guys, I got into the habit of eating twice a day, I'll just have to adjust and eat around 11pm,
                Also I am trying to gain muscle weight, I am doing heavy weight workouts, I'm 21 I weigh 68kg and am 5'10", (quite skinny) I want to get to 75kg, [Any idea how long this might take]

                What do you recommend my calorie intake should be, and how much fat to protein ratio should I aim for?
                I'm thinking, having a table spoon of maybe three varieties of seeds a day, that should be about 500 calories

                I will take the sweet potato trick to heart before workouts,
                I'm based in SW London
                I'm trying to minimise my Carbs intake, so I drink D.cream instead of milk.
                I also like the olive oil on veg idea, but maybe butter instead.
                I am very disciplined diet wise, I do not have carb cravings.

                Thank you for the responses and the interest!


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                  Mate, I am 21, 68.5 KG and 6ft. Sinnier than you and genetics that realy suck. Im striggling to get past the 70KG barrier, but Im slowly pushing on, its taking so samn long.

                  My advice from everything Ive learnt: dont try to limit your carbs. Cream does not produce the growth effect needed that milk does. Its the protein and sugar combo in milk that help muscle growth. Don't go out of your way to limit carbs. You are skinny, good carbs wont get you. Just have them POSt workout like leangains, this way the insulin response goes to muscles not fat storage.

                  If you have them before workout, you lose the HG hormone advantage from working out in a fasted state.

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