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  • Eat until full?

    Hey guys. I'm new, and really excited to get into a paleo lifestyle! I'm currently reading the Primal Blueprint but a quick question just popped up that I figured I'd ask -

    I know that a nice concept of the diet is to eat until you're full, plain and simple. But what about the common rule based on "conventional wisdom" that your brain takes time to catch up to your stomach, and you may be full before you really realize it? Basically, if I finish my plate and I'm still hungry should I go grab more food or wait 20 minutes to see if I feel full like my mother told me to do when I was a child?


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    Not eat till full, eat till not hungry (semantics but important!). Eating to full implies you just can't eat anymore cause there is no room. Eating to not hungry means when you are no longer hunger, stop eating.

    I will take what I think will satisfy, and then eat it. Half the time it will be enough, then sometimes I will stop being hungry before I am done, and sometimes I will still be hungry. I will wait about 10 minutes or so to see if I stop being hungry. Most times, I am. I think this could vary by person. I tend to eat really fast too so this probably has an effect.


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      Yes, wait the 20-30 minutes like your mom told you. Put the leftovers away so it isn't convenient to grab more. Drink some water while you wait, or go for a walk, so you don't keep thinking about it and walking into the kitchen looking for something.


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        I eat until satisfied, but not full. I don't like the full, especially "oops, I think I ate too much" feeling.