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Transitioning to low carbs

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  • Transitioning to low carbs

    Hello everyone. I am an 18 year old university student and am trying to make the switch to the primal blueprint. I tried this a little over a year ago when I was still in high school, but only lasted a few weeks or a month. I honestly can't remember why I stopped.

    However, now I am looking to make the switch again. I have been trying to do so for the last few days, and absolutely love the difference in how my body feels (why the heck did I ever stop this?!?). I was honestly shocked that I had gone back to eating grains after I re-read many of the articles on the main site. Well, the dilemma I face now is the low carb flu. I have never really eaten healthy, rarely even by conventional wisdom standards. This of course means that I had an incredibly high carb intake. Transitioning to a much lower intake is definitely problematic.

    My body feels great and fully energized for the most part, but a day or two in my mind doesn't quite function as well, and I end up binging on carbs just so I can focus on school. I know the general advice is to just push through this, but that doesn't seem to be an option for me. As I said, I am in university and am currently faced with an overwhelming workload. I simply cannot do this work while my brain is lagging during the low carb flu. I have been eating 1 piece of fruit a day, some nuts, with most of my intake coming from meat, veggies, and some butter. I don't count calories or carbs (have had absolutely enough of that), and was hoping for some quick and easy suggestions to ease into the primal blueprint while being able to fully focus on my studies. I already consume a decent amount of veggies, so should I increase fruit intake? Should I temporarily supplement with potatoes or yams? Thank you for reading and I truly appreciate any and all suggestions.

    Edit: Almost forgot to mention! One of the big reasons I am going primal (besides feeling incredible) is for effortless weight loss. I was starting to think this wouldn't happen with the stress of university, but hopefully I will be able to with the primal blueprint. Hey, I'm even cutting down on drinking
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    I fought my way through, and it was a week of pure head fogged hell. I guess you could do what you were thinking, eat better carbs like sweet potatoes. Infeel your pain, the low carb flu is rough. Maybe even gradually bring yourself in. I hope it works out for you and send me a message to tell me how your making out.

    Started at 307 regular diet and exercise went to 285 and stalled. Went primal and went to 227! I always was a brutish caveman now I eat like one!
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      My primal diet (which *does* still include dairy) is lower carb than the standard American diet, but by no means low carb. I do eat my veggies! Plus, I still get more sugar than I should (though I avoid HFCS). Just eliminating the grains, in my experience, gets you 90% of the benefits. YMMV.
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        Hey guys. Just wanted to drop by and thank you for your comments. I have been implementing both of your advice with great results . I will be recording my progress in the journal section incase you are interested.