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  • Smoothies/protein

    I love nothing like a good smoothie for breakfast. But, I'm trying to increase my morning protein and struggle with protein sources in smoothies.

    For background - I came to this way of eating because of lots of food allergy/sensitivities (currently grain free, no dairy, whey, or casein, no eggs). I am OK with soy, but it grosses me out. Nuts and seeds are generally OK. I have been afraid of posting here because I run quite a lot and eat more carbs (fruit, sweet potatoes) than most of you. Not trying to gain or lose weight.

    So, with that said, any thoughts on Hemp Protein? Or pea? Or even trying to use nut flours or butters - though I don't like that much nuts. Any other ideas of how I can make a smoothie with about 30 grams of protein, yet avoid whey, eggs, milk, soy.

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    There's a company called Sunwarrior that makes a fermented, sprouted brown rice protein, which many vegans and raw foodists rave about. I've never tried it, but from what I've read, it's incredibly easy to digest. I'd look into that. If that's not what you're looking for, regular brown rice protein, hemp protein, and pea protein are all viable options. Avoid soy, and go easy on the nuts and nut butters.


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      Well if you want to really go extreme, Nourishing Traditions has a baby formula recipe made with raw liver . Basically a smoothie. *shudders*

      I don't know what I would do without eggs.

      I think that there *may* be MSG in hemp protein powders and many others by way of the manufacturing process, even if it isn't added on purpose. But I might be wrong. I just stay away from protein powders because I react severely to MSG and don't want to take the chance.

      I hope someone gives you more appetizing suggestions than a raw liver smoothie! >_<


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        This video was made for you:

        There's a few things I would personally avoid in his recipe (milk, psyllium husk). But that's for you to decide.

        Try adding eggs, whey, cooked chicken (?), into your morning smoothies.
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          Thanks all. I usually avoid rice, but might not be able to. The sprouted brown rice protein might be one of my best bets - it is certainly worth looking into. Interesting video - but not much help with the milk and eggs! I'm not sure I am desperate enough for a raw liver smoothie. I do like my meat and avocado breakfasts -- just really really love smoothies. Any other ideas?


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            Do you avoid eggs because of sensitivities? I think I have read sometimes you can "reset" with gradual reintroduction after avoidance for 3 to 6 months.