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Can a Whole Wheat Diet Makes You Fat - video

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  • Can a Whole Wheat Diet Makes You Fat - video

    Backs up a lot of Mark's claims:

    Can a Whole Wheat Diet Make You Fat? - Fox News Video - Fox News

    Dr. William Davis, Preventative Cardiologist, Author if "Wheat Belly"

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    Thanks for sharing this!


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      Surprised that made it to Fox and that it was a rather decent "interview" ...
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        i cant ever get fox or cnn videos to play. says stream not found. is there a transcript somewhere?
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          I actually just got his book and started reading it last night, I look forward to getting through it all. I've been Primal for about 3 months now and I for one have seen great improvements since taking wheat out of my diet. Digestive issues have settled right down and I've lost a little over 20 lbs without trying all that hard. I'm losing inches all over, but the biggest ones came off my waist and hips, that preggers "belly" I thought would never go away, is well on its way to being a thing of the past. I think it has a lot to do with the wheat, for me anyway, the few times I've re-introduced it, even in small amounts, I've regretted it right away.


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            Wow, thanks for posting. Very interesting, I will be having a look at his book at the next opportunity.

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