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    I have read quite a few of the IF posts on MDA and would like to give it go sometime. However, one thing is not clear to me despite reading all I can find and apologies in advance if the answer is somewhere on the site.

    My question is: When one does IF, should you still consume the target daily calories in total during the post non-fasting time or are those calories lost? For example, if I am trying to lose weight by targeting 2000 cal per day and I fast for 24 hours, should I just eat 2000 cal the next day or try get to 4000? basically is IF trying to create a "feast or famine" scenario or just another way to cut down on calories or both?

    please don't say I shouldn't be counting calories. I am trying to lose weight!

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    Just eat your usual 2000 calories the next day. If your 24hr fast is from dinner to dinner you will just have that one dinner meal upon completion of your 24 hr fast.


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      What Sue said: don't try to make up the missing calories from your IF. Just go ahead and target 2,000 calories during your next daily eating cycle.
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        thanks for your help


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          thanks for your help.