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Egg Allergies?

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  • Egg Allergies?

    I love eggs, both for their taste and convenience. As a poor college student, I tend to rely on them heavily for my protein and fat requirements. When I say heavily I mean 12 a day, sometimes 18 if the selection at the dining hall is particularly bad.

    I have been doing this for about a year now, but have recently heard about overconsumption of eggs leading to allergies. I'd love some first person input or maybe some links to reading on the subject since I can't seem to find much.

    Thanks in advance

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    I have heard that can happen--with any food, but all I can offer is my own experience. As a graduate student (eons ago), I practically lived on eggs, and never developed any sensitivity at all. Even now, eggs are a major part of my menu, and I've never had a problem.


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      I developed a sensitivity to eggs, but I went from having almost none to having 3-6 or more every day. I didn't have any side effects, I had been tested for food allergies at the request of my naturopath and I tested very high for both egg whites and yokes. I just stopped them for about months and now I'm slowing adding them back in. I know that I'm not allergic because I get a flu shot every year and I had a colonoscopy (the drug they give you to knock you out is delivered in an egg base) as a result of loosing my mother to colon cancer this year. I have never had any issues with either.