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Day 5 Going Primal, Roller Derby Practice

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  • Day 5 Going Primal, Roller Derby Practice

    ok So this is how it went. I have been eating primal for about 5 days or so. Today I went to speed class, as well as travel team practice (about 4 hours of intense skating). Normally I can outlast the majority of people i compete with but today was a whole different story. My performance was suffering and i couldn't keep up. Nothing else has changed so i can only assume its my diet.

    Over the last 5 days I have been consuming on average 70-80 carbs mainly veggies, none through bread or pasta. Calorie wise i have been averaging 1800-2400 depending on activity.

    What i'm wondering is what i should do, whether i should up my carb intake the day before and day of a hard work out, but i don't know how much or even if that is the right course of action.