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Bodybuilding and primal eating

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  • Bodybuilding and primal eating

    Hi all - have been here awhile, read Mark's books and postings, etc. I actually use many of the approaches with my patients. I know from the material that bodybuilding isn't necessarily a big hit here, but that has been my primary sport/hobby for decades. I am 5'7", 154 pounds, bodyfat around 14.5-15.5%, 28 waist. I'm not looking to loose weight, but would like to very slowly loose a couple more points of bodyfat, continue to slowly add muscle, and avoid muscle catabolism.

    Just coming off some surgery where I was laid up a bit, for about 6 weeks or so, without the ability to exercise at all. First time in ~ 20 years I've taken that much time off. I went 100% primal and cut carbs to 50'ish a day max. Was amazed to see a slight decrease in bodyfat along with a slight decrease in weight. Main thing I learned was I have been wildly overtraining for decades.

    Here's the issue. I have a fairly good understanding of the efficiencies of use of carbohydrates as energy sources, storage in the form of glycogen, and trying to function athletically on ketosis. Once I returned to exercise recently, with a much reduced amount of cardio and adjusted resistance training, I saw a dramatic reduction in performance. Mainly was in the form of hitting the wall hard trying to do my high intensity interval training, but also with the intensity during my lifts. I superset everything, 3 exercirses at a time with 15-20 sec max break between sets. Taking tons of protein, and added back a banana with my immediate post workout shake like I used to. Prior to surgery, I had already cut all starches (for good), and sugary drinks (not that I ever drank them). I did, however, intake a bit more low glycemic carbs like oatmeal in the AM, quinoa, low carb tortilla, and quite a bit more fresh fruit. I realize there is some deconditioning involved in the performance decrease, but I've been working out long enough to know when hitting the wall due to energy substrate issues.

    Really trying to figure out how to balance this dramatic carbohydrate reduction with performing well at my sport, which I enjoy. Long post I know, but figured someone else might have been in my shoes. Thanks in advance!