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Green beans and snap peas

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  • Green beans and snap peas

    I began the primal challenge on September 12th (with many others I assume) and we are still reaping the harvest of our large garden. We are growing green beans and snap peas and I was wondering if there was a consensus about whether these are considered closer to beans and legumes, or whether most primal people consider them vegetables. As far as I am aware, I can consume them a feel absolutely great (which leads me to label them 'vegetables') but I was curious about what the primal line was. Thanks!

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    If you can eat it raw, it's food.


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      I put sugar snap peas in my salads. I don't eat green beans though, but I believe geen beans are a veggitable.


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        Peas and beans should not be eaten. They contain phytates.


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          Originally posted by Chrisflyer View Post
          Peas and beans should not be eaten. They contain phytates.
          Oh dear. I hope you don't eat Brazil nuts or almonds either.


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            Coconut is fairly high in phytic acid and most plants have some phytic acid anyway.
            Phytic Acid in Common "Paleo" Foods | Hunt.Gather.Love.
            As Chris Kresser points out you shouldn't avoid plants grown in phosphorus rich fertiliser (phosphorus is a key part of phytic acid)
            Green beans have a nutrient profile very similar to non-starchy vegetables (ie: not potato, sweet potato)
            Check out this spreadsheet, go the the compare page and take a look at where green beans stand. Even with a little extra phytic acid they're pretty good.
            The Paleo Premise: Nutrient Database


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              I had snap peas 2 weeks ago and they destroyed my stomach. Never had problems with green beans.