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Confused about grains. Did primal man eat them or not?

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    Do note that this article is from a blog. If you go to the originating website - The Spartan Diet - you'll see a link from there to the blog. Also notice there's a Spartan Diet book about to be published as well. i.e. he's selling something. Additionally the blog references "a study by" and "according to" without giving any further reference and no quotes. If I were about to publish a "diet" book I'd want to target several "diets" that I might think could hurt my book sales or diets that if I could convert adherents would lead to increased book sales. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that, it's just marketing but the lack of solid reference to his claims does bother me. Additionally, little doubt some grains made it into Grok's belly but it had to be in small amounts considering how labor intensive wild grain harvesting would have been. Finally, Dr. Jerald Diamond's book "Guns, Germs & Steel" calls agriculture in many ways a huge mistake (paraphrasing here). Dr. Diamond is one of the great minds of our time and personally I'd rather take the doctor's word on this subject.