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Conventional Wisdom vs Primal criticisms

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  • Conventional Wisdom vs Primal criticisms

    Hi All-

    First off I wanted to thank every member, grokker and contributor that is on this website. I've been primal for about 2 months now and am goin' strong. I used to be 'the' conventional wisdom resource. For years I tried to piece together the 'successful' strategies to read through all the hocus-pocus/miracle fad cures and diets.

    That being said, once I read the primal blueprint, I was hooked. The ideas just made sense. Literally changing the foundations of the game so you can actually achieve those goals.

    How do you all explain your primal diet to people? So many cling to the CW rhetoric of "fats are bad carbs are good". I had a friend pick up my container of coconut oil yesterday and proclaimed, "I read an article about how this is givign people heart attacks". I immediately thought "how could you be MORE incorrect!"

    Talking to vegetarians, they look at me like I'm from a different planet. "But we've been eating grains for thousands of years", "But beans are my main source of protein". I realize that the rejection of the 'norm' is a hard at first, but remember that for hundreds of years people 'knew' the world was flat.

    How do you all respond to these types of statements, and avoid getting frustrated? Do you find it best to explain the CW vs PB stances on each part of nutrition/lifestle?



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    I say it's about controlling your carbs and I recommend (or loan, if I like you) the book. As I tuck into my coconut curry salmon over smashed sweet potato w/ broccoli and my coworkers glumly feed their quarters into the evil snack machine there is no question about who is getting the better deal.
    Wheat is the new tobacco. Spread the word.


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      It's so frustrating isn't it?

      I've been eating primal/paleo for almost 2 year now, and I've pretty much given up on most people who buy-in to CW. Diet/lifestyle is the new "politics" or "religion" - you can't talk about it with others.

      If someone is genuinely interested in knowing more about how I eat, then I help them understand, point them to,, But, if they are just making small-talk, then I'll just make a joke, or say I'm gluten-intolerant.

      The way I see it: I don't want vegans trying to convince me to change my diet/lifestyle, so why should I do the same to others? What do you think? Am I being too passive about it?


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        Most of my friends are Christian, so I just explain that Primal is eating whole foods the way God intended-- as close to its natural state as possible.
        If they're still interested after that, then I mention no grains, soy, or legumes.
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          @papagrok - yea it's difficult! I have trouble 'giving up' on people as they are my friends and I hate to watch them shoot themselves in the foot. You're right though, if interested, lend a helpign hand. Otherwise 'crusading' against the norm is sure to be an uphill journey

          @Dr. Borky - Yes back to basics is probably the best way to explain it. The food pyramid swap to primal seems like earthshattering change. And I have yet to ever mention to anyone the 'whole-grain' paradox.


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            I just say I'm not a big fan of bread, pizza, pasta or baked goods, which covers most of it. I also say I prefer whole foods over than processed food, which I've yet to meet anyone who disagrees with.

            Psychologically, I think there is a big difference between telling people you don't like something or prefer something else and telling them you never eat this or that.
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