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    I'm not sure if this has been answered somewhere on the forum but since I'm new here I'm not sure where I'd look so forgive me if this has been addressed elsewhere.

    1)Is canned tuna suitable on the Primal Blueprint. I usually rinse mine before eating to rinse off the salt etc. and usually buy the one canned in water.

    2)Are whole eggs allowed or do you recommend just the egg whites?

    I think that's about all I wasn't clear on. Thanks in advance for your answers/direction.

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    Hi. Welcome.

    Canned tuna is fine.

    The yolks are the best part. If you throw away anything (don't!), throw away the whites.
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      Yes to tuna and yes to whole eggs.

      One thing I want to add- double check your tuna though. The front may say "canned in water" only to find other ingredients in the ingredients list. For the life of me I don't know how they can get away with that.


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        Thanks for the quick replies!! I much prefer to eat my eggs whole as opposed to the Body Building sites that recommend eating only egg whites. I try to limit my canned fish (tuna) but like I mentioned I do rinse it before I eat it. Usually stick with either Talapia, shrimp, scallops which I have made up ahead of time for a quick meal.


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          I eat 2 cans of tuna in spring water weekly. I worry about mercury that's why it's not daily.


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            Most of the name brand tunas carry a 'low sodium' kind that doesn't have the wonky vegetable broth (soy) and other additives in it. Usually it's just water and tuna.


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              Also make sure you add some fat to the tuna, as it is so lean.


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                I make home made mayo in the blender so that I can use the type of oils I choose. Very easy. Many recipes on this site. Basically 2 eggs, 1-2TB vinegar or lemon juice, oil of choice. I use walnut or grapeseed oil as olive oil have a funny taste in mayo. I don't cook w/ it - only use it cold in tuna, salmon or cauliflower (fake potato) salads.

                Make sure you read your tuna cans as I have found that many hide soy in the ingredients. In fact, I have found that I have to pay for a more expensive brand to avoid it. Definitely eat your eggs whole also!


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                  The biggest problem with canned fish is when they add seed oils such as sunflower oil to it. Instead of getting correcting your ratio with omega 3 you're now consuming several times more omega 6.

                  I second hedonist. Eat the whole egg, it's far more nutritious that way. Bodybuilders eat egg whites because they are generally high protein, high carb, low fat.