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  • Breast Milk Diet

    I'm quite interested to hear the outcome of this:

    Man Plans To Live Entirely Off His Wife's Milk: Gothamist

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    Wow. Interested to see what happens, yes. But I wish that milk could be donated. I know milk banks won't take it, but there are likely many women on sites such as Mothering who would take it if their supply was down. Some women strongly oppose formula and buying milk from a milk bank is so incredibly expensive if it's not covered by insurance. (I remember checking into it when I was nursing and had low supply initially.)


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      hmm...curious. definitely not low carb.
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        Should try HM4HB. It annoys me- there are loads of women on those networks who will pay for the shipment of milk to them at no cost to this family.

        While we know that human milk is the optimal form of nutrition for a young human being the fact of the matter is that human milk has enough iron to meet the needs of a child up to about 9-12 months if the cord was not clamped early. It's not going to meet an adult male's needs.

        We were just talking about this guy's experiment in our LLL meeting this morning.


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          It is funny that I feel younger physically than I have in years yet feel older culturally. Not sure why but that story triggered the feeling.
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            I was going to say that I'd prefer it directly from the source but that's kind of creepy so I won't say that.
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              Is it grass-fed milk?


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                Originally posted by Legbiter View Post
                Is it grass-fed milk?
                I'd be concerned about what kind of grass mama is ingesting & how high it's making the baby
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