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5HTP makes me sleepy?

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  • 5HTP makes me sleepy?

    I tried to suppliment with 5 HTP inthe doze recommended on the bottle (3 pills a day), but it looks like it has valerian, and the only effect after about 2 weeks of use I am getting is sleepiness and fatigue in the afternoon (so, vlerian is working like it always did). It had no effect on my wanting to eat fruit. I was taking it in hopes that it would stop sweet falvors cravings. So, is it a wrong suppliment for this purpose, or do you take less, does it start curbing sweet craving after a longer time period??? Right now, my plan is to just finish off the bottle if I can, and not buy it again.
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    I sure wouldn't take Valerian during the day and drive.


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      5-HTP as far as I know is for depression and anxiety. You can find better supplements in The Diet Cure for sugar cravings. I think the book calls for L-glutamine for sugar cravings.


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        I take 5htp in the evening only for this reason. It does make me crave less sugar in the sense that my body wants sugar because my endorphin level is off. I also use l-glutamine powder under the tongue for acute cravings.
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          Because of the valerian only suitable to take before bed. What brand is it?


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            5-HTP in the evenings (I take my vit D and 5-HTP immediately before bed), L-Tyrosine in the mornings.

            Pop another 1 - 2g of Tyrosine to get through the afternoon slump until your cravings and energy fluctuations have worn off. You don't want it to become a permanent energy supplement, but providing your body with the serotonin and dopamine that it's seeking out in the foods, will effectively reduce your perceived need for them.


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              Also, you may need 5 - 10 days for levels of both neurotransmitters to build up from supplementation. Give it a serious go, if you really want to kick the sweets. I'd recommend getting some pure 5-HTP too, it should just have the 5HTP (100 - 150mg is sufficient), and some vit b6 (and sometimes C) to increase absorption; I take Nature's Way brand.

              However, though YMMV, I personally noticed increased mental alertness the first time I ever took Tyrosine. That stuff saved me from my post lunch candy and energy drink addiction.


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                That sounds like a sleep supplement, 5-HTP to raise melatonin, plus valerian. I wouldn't take that during the day. 5-HTP on it's own may not have that effect. I do find it very effective for cravings.
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                  Hi folk, my 5HTP is 100 mg, from Nature's Bounty, an contains:

                  Valerian 50 mg
                  Magnesium (oxide) 25 mg
                  Niacinamide 5 mg
                  B6 5 mg

                  it is marketed as balanced mood suppliment.

                  So, should I try to find L-tyrosine to take in the morning and take a couple of pills of 5HTP with dinner? I fast till 1 pm, when to take L-tyrosine, when I get up at 4 am sans food, or with lunch at 1 pm?

                  Is L-tyrosine over the counter?
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                    Yes, Tyrosine is an amino acid sold otc. You may want to experiment a bit, maybe just one 500mg pill in the morning, and 1 - 2g with/after lunch? When I've used it I generally took 1500mg on waking with an empty stomach - but I would always eat within an hour. And I would reserve my afternoon dose for "just in case" I started fading.

                    Again, evening out the levels in your brain over a longer period of time is the goal here - for which regular supplementation is going to be key. Test the waters a bit, find a time you like, and try to remember to take it daily. Reevaluate your situation when you finish the bottle (I usually see bottles of 50, 500mg pills - so two weeks or so, taking 3 - 4 a day), see how you feel at that point; ideally the cravings should be just about gone if you've managed to keep off the sugar the whole time. If not, don't beat yourself up, pick some more up IF you feel it's helping your progress, it may just be a longer process of letting your body reset; try to slowly lower your dosage if you do end up taking it for a few months. Maybe 500mg in the morning, 500mg in afternoon, and then at some point drop to just one a day, and eventually none.

                    Tyrosine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia if you want more scientific info on it.


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                      The dosing on the bottle says twice daily or at bedtime as 5htp may induce drowsiness. Also warning not to drive, operate heavy machinery, drink alcohol.


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                        You can get 5-HTP without valerian. I take it for mild anxiety, and I get mine from Vitamin Shoppe.


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                          My bottle says 3x a day with meals, it does have a warning that it may induce drowsiness, etc. I kindda like this particular form. I think I will experiemnt with 2 pills at bedtime, and check out into L-tyrosine next time I am grocery-shopping

                          Unfortunately, still no effect on fruit cravings
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                            I makes me sleepy too, but it sure does work to suppress my appetite and cuts the sugar cravings. I have to take it with a cup of coffee and some tyrosine. I take after lunch and another before bed.


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                              Def don't take 5HTP; it is the precursor to serotonin and melatonin which are bad:
                              Serotonin, depression, and aggression - The problem of brain energy.