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Nuts As Primary Fat Source?

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  • Nuts As Primary Fat Source?

    Salutations! And down to it:

    I am rather pre-programmed to eat low-fat dairy, like fat-free yogurt, low-fat butter, etc., but I find myself going overboard on nuts these days. I'm thinking that nuts are becoming my primary fat source, but I have heard that this isn't ideal, especially for losing weight. Might I be better off eating things like full-fat butter and yogurt, rather than handfuls of nuts on a daily basis?

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      Yes. Nuts other than macadamias are chock full of polyunsaturated fats that oxidize very easily, and the PUFAs they have are pretty much just Omega-6s (the bad ones).


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        Originally posted by scotchncoffee View Post
        Yes. Nuts other than macadamias are chock full of polyunsaturated fats that oxidize very easily, and the PUFAs they have are pretty much just Omega-6s (the bad ones).
        this, plus nuts are really calorie dense and easy to go overboard with. i think you're better off ditching all the low-fat stuff and munching on some steak instead.


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          I think it is a bad idea particulary if you haven't really cared for nuts before going paleo/primal, but now finding yourself eating them by the handful/tablespoon-full and here is why, not based on scientific research just on my personal experience.

          I embraced low-fat dairy, steamed vegetables and PAM-frying with gusto when I came to the West. I always had trouble digesting fats, and food felts SOOO much fresher and more appealing when it was not fried with butter or lard or oil. Mark says everyone likes bacon, but I feel nauseus just smelling it. And I have stripped skin off my chicken since I was a child, and adults hateful of waste tried to make me eat it (back in the old coutry). I was sick for 3 days after trying KFC for the first time (I know, different fat). I also can't stand the smell of too much butter, and can only take it on mushrooms and roast fruit. And I hate real cream, while that artificial non-fat stuff was wonderful in my opinion.

          So, after years and years of LF, low calories dieting, I tried Anabolic Diet. That's 70% fat, less than 30 g carbs. I mmediately latched onto peanut butter and nuts. And, later, onto avocado.

          Well, I think it is a bad idea, because it made me feel really hungry. My theory is that both nuts and avocado are a very rare nutritional package of fat and carbs. Same idea as chocolate, donut or deep-fried poato.

          So, unlike the more common substances that combine fat with protein they are hunger-inducing and binge-promoting rather than satiating. I could not stop at one tbsp of nut butter. I could eat as much as 1/4 cup in a sitting. And before I went anabolic I had a jar of peanut butter (from my husband's bachelor's past) rolling around the fridge for a few years, before I threw it away.

          Coconut oil works better for me, and I am also trying to find meats that I can tolerate. Salmon and sardines are fine, and pork is borderline for me. Idiotically, I am okay with beef ribs, dunno why. I also make the jellied pork hock/feet because I am used to eating it.

          It's crazy, but it is better than relying on nuts imo.
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            The fats, carbohydrates and proteins found in nuts and seeds aren't really the problem. They contain all sorts of antinutrients, lectins, and enzyme inhibitors which make them very difficult to digest. I wouldn't recommend eating them unless they're soaked or sprouted. Dairy (even full-fat, raw dairy) also poses some problems, namely that it isn't really food for humans. It definitely has some health and culinary applications, but you shouldn't rely on it for a source of fat. Eat meats, fruits, vegetables, and tubers instead.

            On a related note, coconut is your best friend.


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              I use nuts for flavor and as the occaisonal condiment to my dinners. I never snack on them nor would I recommend using them as a major source of fats. Animal fat is way better.


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                Nuts are bad, mmkay? Systemic inflammation is to be avoided and one of the easiest ways to up your total inflammation is by eating a handful of nuts. Make your own grass-fed beef tallow. You just chop up the fat, boil it like soup, and drain it through mesh. And poof. Best cooking oil on the planet.

                If you must get nutty now and then, make it a weekend deal, maybe once every two weeks for safety. Agree with macadamias for safety.
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