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IF: Eat less, and you need less food.

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  • IF: Eat less, and you need less food.

    Usually, I'm constantly hungry and need to eat decent sized meals every 3-4 hours. When on this regime, I would tire out quickly at work and would need food to refuel or I would be a walking Zombie.

    Well, I've been playing around with my eating times and found it to be quite interesting. If I do a bit of intermittent fasting (IF), my energy levels last a bit longer than usual at work. It's working I guess. The less you eat, the less food you need.

    I'm a natural ectomorph, so I'm not on this primal stuff for losing weight. My body type is very lean and I'm quite physically active. I'm not consciously trying to gain weight either. I'm usually told that "I need to eat more" so that I can get some "meat on my bones." But then when people see me eat, they tell me about how lucky I am that I can eat so much and not gain weight.

    Thus, my conclusion is that eating more for me, an ectomorph, isn't necessarily required. With careful planning, I can stabilize my metabolism and have a more constant energy level.

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    I used to eat all the time. I was always hungry. I’d eat breakfast (usually something grainy), and three hours later my stomach would be grumbling so I’d eat some more, usually something grainy. Three hours later, repeat. I’d be constantly looking in the fridge (no, the fridge’s contents never change in five minutes!) looking in the cupboards, wanting to fill this hole in my chest and/or stop the grumbling.

    Now, after “going primal”, I’ll eat two eggs and some bacon for breakfast, and by 1pm I’m starting to think about food. So I’d usually make myself a coconut milk shake.

    Then, one day I realized it was 2pm and the stomach wasn’t grumbling. In fact, it never really grumbled for the 1pm shake either. And I wasn’t all that active/working up an appetite.

    Today, I ate my standard egg/bacon breakfast aroun 8am. Then I went for a walk in the woods, about an hour. Then I got on my bike and rode 30 minutes to a store, bought some coconut milk (8 cans), put them in my paniers, rode back home—another 30 minutes. And boy was I moving! I had so much energy, I was tackling hills that had previously had me walking the bike up them! I was just moving! Got back around 12:30, and left again fifteen minutes later to another store about 30 minutes the other way. Sweated up a good deal. Not really comfortable putting on a helmet whose little paddings are soaked with my sweat, or putting a backpack back on after cycling all morning. (I feel for the people behind me at the cash having to witness my soaked shirt!)

    Got back (for good) around 2:15, sat on my couch, and then snoozed for a bit. Woke up around 3:30 and decided to make my coconut milk shake, only to realize as I was sucking it up, that I wasn’t really all that hungry. I was just eating it because I felt/thought it was “time” for more food in my system.

    I have a porketta cooking in the slowcooker, going to be ready for supper at 6:45 (when 16yo daughter gets home from work) so I “knew” there was more food coming.

    My question: has anybody else experienced a decrease in appetite that does not equate a decrease in energy? I thinking I may only “need” to eat twice a day: breakfast and supper. This is a Good Thing in terms of finances, but I do so like my coconut milk shakes, or maybe it’s the idea that I can have a full-fat coconut milk shake every day without worrying about blimping out!


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      My question: has anybody else experienced a decrease in appetite that does not equate a decrease in energy?
      Definitely! Since I started IFing 8 months ago, I've gotten accustomed to eating 2x per day, on most days, and neither meal is particularly large. I definitely eat far less food than I did before IF became a habit, and my energy levels have been great.


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        Agree, I'm less hungry, eat less and IF but no decrease in energy unless I'm getting sick or something. It has to do with ghrelin.


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          Since doing IF's I only eat 2 times a day. I usually tend to eat in a 8 window everyday. But when fast 22-24hr which are mondays, sundays last meal is usually something like tonight which was a huge bowl of chicken soup a lot of veggies, but I end it with something fatty like a primal pudding. Try to keep very low carb like 20-25g total for the whole meal, but that's just me.
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            I've noticed that on days when I have breakfast, I'm hungry before noon. If I skip breakfast like I do most days, I'm not hungry until 1PM. I eat a big salad with fish for lunch and a meaty dinner around 7. I have not noticed that HWC in my coffee makes any difference in the hunger. Nor do I feel any change in energy whether I have a morning meal or not. I do, however, lean out a bit with a good stretch of two-meal days.


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              Its not unusual for eating less to be accompanied by perceived increases in energy. I would be careful about attributing this to the healthfulness of your diet. If your body is getting less calories/carbs than its accustomed to your stress hormones are probably elevated and giving you that "boost" in energy. It makes sense from a biological standpoint. Extra energy to help you catch something big to eat and get back into an anabolic state.
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                Kimelah how do you make your coconut milk shakes?