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Long Time Primals - What tweaks have you made?

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  • Long Time Primals - What tweaks have you made?

    So I've been paleo/primal for a couple years now and I've read pretty much everything Mark has written and I have all the cookbooks, I've ready all of Robb Wolf's books, I've read the Perfect Health Diet and all of Taubes books. All in all I feel like I have a fairly solid grasp of how Paleo/Primal works.

    I have a pretty clean diet, and sure I may not eat as many leafy greens as I probably should and I've been known to indulge in sugar free primal desserts like homemade icecream and almond meal cookies, but overall my diet is pretty dang great. Tons of quality protein and vegetables, lots of coconut, and plenty of good fruits.

    Over the past years and especially the recent months I've been making some fairly significant tweaks to see how I adjust. I've drastically increased my consumption of white rice and sweet potatoes over the past few months because I've been finding myself utterly exhausted after a day of brazilian jiu jitsu and a crossfit wod. Mainly I've been enjoying super awesome bowls of vietnamese food like Pho. Over the past months I've been upping my intake I've noticed that I don't gas out like I had been experiencing and I think it's made a very positive shift in my overall well being.

    Secondly, I've started eating a jar of peanut butter once a month because fuck you that's why. Have you ever mixed peanut butter, whey, and full fat greek yogurt together in a bowl? It's amazing.

    Lastly, I do not crave things like cake or super sweet desserts like pastries, or any kind of bready good like bagels and whatnot. However, I have not had a single bowl of oatmeal in approximately three years and I STILL crave it practically every day. So last month I bought Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Steel Cut Oats and i've been enjoying the hell out of them. I know they are not a top choice food, but I can think of worse things to eat.

    After thinking about this today, I go curious: What do you guys who have been primal / paleo for a long time now do for your own personal diet tweaks? What do you do that isn't "prescribed"? Maybe I just outed myself as as horrible person and no one has any tweaks, but I know I'm not alone!

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    Every once in a while I have corn on the cob when we grill out. I consider it one of my occassional cheats/treats. Hey, better than a candy bar.....


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      I still have the occasional donut or bagel at Tim Hortons. Mainly because if i have coffee on an empty stomach i get the trots...
      Also i love donuts.
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        I've been primal since Jan 2010, so not exactly an old timer yet I suppose. I too have not had oatmeal since I started though it used to be a daily staple, and multiple times a day at that. I don't really crave it or want it though. Seems to me too devoid of anything worth a shit, I am totes judging you Rivvin, but that's got a lot more to do with your defamatory video against my person than anything else. Oh and that I'm quite confident you wear pink thongs all the time.

        Before I recount my food habits, note that I live at home with a Hispanic mom, so while the below is mostly what I cooked for myself it's not 100% of what I ate since sometimes I'd either eat what she made or take the protein from it and make myself a vegetable side. It's not unusual for something she makes to be fully primal though.

        I've been all over the place I think. The first few months were pretty simple, just meat and vegetables. I made mostly stir fries as I'm not really into cold vegetables. Chop up a whole bunch of random vegs, some meat, some coconut oil, enjoy. Then I went through a period of carb-phobia and went VLC, mostly dark green vegs meat and eggs. Then a wonderful thing happened in paleo world, and perhaps thanks to the Perfect Health Diet folks, white rice was back on the menu! oh what joy, my family cried and embraced me at the dinner table once again. Mind you, I still only eat white rice selectively but I don't turn away from it out-right either. I only eat some grains socially (that's the primal equivalent of "I only smoke when I'm drunk") by this I mean I may or may not eat the bun on a burger when out with friends. I don't really care for pizza so that's not a problem, I probably would eat most wraps and stuff like that.

        I don't have a sweet tooth (nor am I borderline female like Rivvin) so I don't dabble in primal baked goods at all. My gf might take interest in that stuff down the road but at present it's not an issue for me.

        For the past few months my diet has been all types of meat and offal, poultry, fish, pork, you know, animals, potatoes, rice, all sorts of veggies including plenty of leafy greens still, avocados, coconut products, and sometimes a little cream for my coffee. Body comp wise I have stayed around the same weight for many many months now and just recently have started to try to cut down again, so far, so good.
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          I really love this topic Rivvin. I have been primal a little over a year now and, of course, I love it and will stick with it forever. But I do continue to tweak things to find what works for me. My focus is on improving energy and reducing auto-immunity. I recently have cut way back on fruit to see if fructose was causing inflammation. It seemed to help. Adding in offal and bone broths helped a ton. I then added in white rice a few times week for a neutral carb source - and old gall bladder issues that had completely disappeared came back, so the white rice is out again.

          I also tried playing with higher protein and little lower fat for a while and found that I get really bad food cravings again. So I guess for me the classic PB - lots of fats, some proteins, and veggie based carbs works the best. I am currently playing with eliminating nuts and getting myself back off coffee and too much dairy. We'll see what works!

          I am looking forward to what other people have modified as well.
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            I have nothing to add, but reading this post made me spit up on my monitor from a surprised laughter.


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              Originally posted by Rivvin View Post
              Secondly, I've started eating a jar of peanut butter once a month because fuck you that's why.
              Best thing I have read all day... Love my crazy richards crunchy


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                Originally posted by iniQuity View Post
                ...a wonderful thing happened ...
                ... my family cried and embraced me...
                ... I ... socially ... dabble in ... meat ... and cream
                I'm glad your family is so accepting of your newfound orientation. I wish more hispanic families would learn to be as accepting as yours.


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                  Originally posted by June View Post
                  I have nothing to add, but reading this post made me spit up on my monitor from a surprised laughter.
                  ahhh.... another Rivvin thread strikes again with surprise humor when you least expect it.... you can't just open one of his threads and not chuckle or fall out on the floor laughing hysterically as co-workers ask "Whats so funny?"
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                    I have been primal for almost a year. About a month ago, I reintroduced rice and beans into my diet and I started eating more sweet potatoes. I think my health has actually improved as a result of this change. I am now trying to reduce my nut consumption.


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                      Originally posted by Rivvin View Post
                      Secondly, I've started eating a jar of peanut butter once a month because fuck you that's why. Have you ever mixed peanut butter, whey, and full fat greek yogurt together in a bowl? It's amazing.
                      In case I haven't told you lately, Riv, you are my Primal hero! <3
                      I think the no peanut butter rule is stupid. 1 small jar of peanut butter a month FTW!
                      And, yes, I HAVE mixed greek yogurt, protein powder, and pb in a bowl together. Magnificent sludge!
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                        I have downshifted more into Paleo -- no dairy, less fat. I'm now eating "high-raw Paleo" -- combining the best of the raw food and Paleo worlds.

                        I intentionally vary both my number of carbs and my quantity of food. When I first started, 75 pounds ago, I could just look at the cover of The Primal Blueprint and lose weight. But now that the easy weight is gone, portion sizes DO matter, I find.

                        Rice doesn't seem to be a bug-a-boo -- in smallish quantities a couple times a month via sushi. Nuts inflame me, and if I'm inflamed my body composition doesn't change. Can't do beans and have no desire to.

                        I recently really upped my game irt fitness (and let me just take this opportunity to plug barre3 and any of the various barre-type bodyweight classes, ladies!) and am trying to navigate through my body's increased need for carbs. Haven't quite figured it out yet. Been experimenting with half a sweet potato PWO. The n=1 continues! Onward!

                        ETA: I do not eat chocolate anymore.

                        ETA2: I eat less chicken now.
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                          Nearly 2 years now. More wine. Potatoes. Staying lean now effortless. Wanted to try more sex but Localady says n=1.
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                            "Because fuck you" is my new go-to rationale for everything. If the primal world has given me anything, it is this.

                            I am a year and several months in and now trying to re- introduce healthy carbs. Also trying to eat more red meat, which I was out of the habit of and finding it hard in my family to get it on the table in a consistent way. When the 1/2 wild range beef arrives in November, that will have to change. I am thinking of taking a one-evening cooking class called " steaks, roasts, and chops" to celebrate.


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                              I've been more or less primal since mid 2009 -- the main recent major change I've made to my diet is being more lenient with carbs, and eating white rice again. For a while it seems like the primal community was blindly vilifying carbs similar to the way CW vilifies fat. I think people are starting to come around though, including Mark with his slew of recent carb/grain related posts.

                              I've recently started the leangains approach to eating -- 12-16 hour daily fasts with the large daily meal coming after my workout. This big meal has a liberal portion of carbs... for example last night half my plate was potatoes. I'm doing a weekly refeed as well to ramp of that final bit of fat loss (it's definitely working), and eat 250-300g of carb on that day. I'd say my carb intake is around 50-150g a day. Still pretty low by normal standards, but much more than the 0-50g a day I was doing prior.

                              Truth be told -- I feel MUCH better eating this way rather than the VLC way I was doing before. I'm finally dropping that last bit of fat that wouldn't leave for two years. I would definitely get full eating VLC, but I'd sometimes feel boggy and cloudy and somewhat unsatisfied, especially if it was on a hard workout day.