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doctors visit, and how to talk to them :D

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  • doctors visit, and how to talk to them :D

    I had a checkup today, and it went really well.

    Last check up was when I just started eating primal, but I had started p90x (was in my 5th week) and had lost about 13lb from previous. I weighed 248lb at the beginning of the year, and I was at 235 at the time of the visit. Now, p90x lvl 1 nutrition is fairly high protein low carb as well, so it was still good beginning for me.

    today, I weighed in at 188lb, so I had lost 60lb since mid january. my peak was about 2+ years ago at 262, when I had adrenal fatigue/stressed out, so from that point, I've lost 74lb. I am currently down to 13% BF, and working toward 10%.

    I've been off my BP med since 200lb, and she officially approved that, and we worked out a plan to wean off my PPI. (going on to H2 blockers and wean off that while adding pro biotic with her approval) That will get me off all meds.

    anyway, doc asked me about nutrition and lifestyle. I told her that I avoid processed food, refined sugar, HFCS, eat healthy fat, lot of protein, green veges and good starch. I eat until I am not hungry and not measure/count. get good exercise and stay active. (basically primal lifestyle without mention paleo/primal) She agreed that it is good healthy way to eat .

    then we got discussing Framingham study on statin drug and how it does not help those over 50 who are otherwise healthy. She actually agreed that statin drugs are overprescribed. we also discussed cholestrol measurement on how low trigryceride lvl can mess up the LDL reading, and again she agreed. (I will get my blood work result in about week) So, we are back to 1 year checkup and she is happy with all the things I am doing. I am happy that my doc has open mind about these things.

    I think having this type of discussion with your primary care physicians are very important.
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    I encourage having these kinds of conversations at EVERY doctor's visit, especially your primary care physician's. If my patients don't introduce these topics, then I introduce them, myself. The number of patients who think "cutting out red meat" is the answer to all their health problems simply blows my mind.