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    New on here and would like some advice. I have the following details.

    I am a male, 45 years old, 5' 5" (165.5 cm), 154 lbs (69.5 kg)

    My body fat is 23%
    BMI of 25.6
    BMR of 1544.92

    Basal Metabolic Rate
    BMR of 1544

    Activity factor
    BMR x 0.55 =
    1544 x 0.55 = 849.2

    Total Average Calorie Expenditure
    BMR (1544) + Activity factor (849) = 2393

    Macronutrient Calculations
    154 lbs at 23% body fat = 118.58 lbs of lean body mass
    Moderately active = 0.7 factor for protein of lean body mass
    118 lbs x 0.7 = 82.6 grams of average daily protein intake (combine this with a carb intake target of 75 grams, and you have only 628 calories before considering fat intake).
    Goal of losing 8 lbs per month = 932 calories per day average caloric deficit
    Desired average caloric intake per day = 1461 (2393 average caloric expenditure less 932 deficit)

    desired protein 82g (328cal) protein has 4 calories per gram
    desired carbs 75g (300cal) also 4 cal per gram
    desired fat 92.5g (833cal) 9cal per gram

    328 + 300 = 628 1461 = 833

    My Question is does this add up? Is this ok?

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    What is your goal weight? 8lbs a month seems aggressive to me with so little to lose. I think your math all works out though. I also think if you went .7-1 on protein per lean mass that would be okay from what I've read.


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      I suggest a new approach, instead of per daily intake, let's talk in week intake. You, for example, must eat 5 lbs of meat this week. This frees you from day to day calorie calculation, all the time it requires, and let's you meet your intake requirements on a more intuitive schedule. You tweak for post workout nutrition and you have a winning formula. This is a continuation of the PBF where the book tells you to avoid obsessing over daily weight measurements.

      It matters much more what your carb intake is over a week interval than a day to day interval, though we are so anxious to feel the instant gratification we cannot be at peace without weighing in before bed time. This is strong indication of problem, you must leave it alone.
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        All the calculations are correct although you don't have to restrict calories to lose weight. Removing grains, legumes, sugar, artificial sweetners and processed food should help you lose weight. I would increase protein to about 120g and increase fat as required to feel satiated. No weighing and measuring needed.


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          Free your mind, and your Grok will follow.
          Free your mind, and your Grok will follow!


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            I did not want to loose 8lbs in a month but just wanted to check my calculations where right. Thank you all for your answers.