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Beef heart substitute for steak?

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  • Beef heart substitute for steak?

    Considering i can buy 3 kilos of fresh beef heart for the same price of maybe a kilo of decent steak, is there any drawback of almost totally substituting the heart for my red meat quota? i eat fish occasionaly, ground beef and some pork, lots of eggs and veggies as well. Thoughts?

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    I dunno, but it's interesting, and besides... anticuchos! (beef heart kabobs, a Peruvian specialty)

    This may be one of those "there's actually too many nutrients in that, so it's best to only have it once a week or so" like liver, but maybe not? Will be watching this thread...
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      I say go hard or go home, but nothing like the red meat steak. Let the nutrients bleed into your brain.


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        Heart meat is awesome, though really low in fat. Unlike liver, which can cause vitamin A toxicity if consumed en masse often, heart doesn't have any red flags.

        According to USDA:

        Side by Side Nutrition Facts Comparison for Beef Variety Meats And By-Products Heart Cooked Simmered - -


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          If it's low in fat then you supplement with bacon.


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            Originally posted by dado View Post
            If it's low in fat then you supplement with bacon.
            love it.

            Just had some beef heart stroganoff. Although great, it could have used some bacon.


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              I just wrapped up a three-week stint of eating about 500g of beef heart 4x/week. I'm not dead yet, and I actually felt great the whole time. It was good, but I actually did get kinda tired of it, which I didn't think was possible at first. I'm eating eye of round this week, but I think I'm going back to beef heart next week :-). Like the OP said, it's just too good of a deal to pass up. I can get it for $1.79/lb versus $3.99/lb for any other cut of lean beef.


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                I just tried beef heart last night, and thought it was very much like steak but denser, but still tender. I just had it seared last night, and plan on making fajitas with the rest tonight. Maybe not an everyday thing but I don't see why it couldn't stand in for steak at least sometimes! And like you said -- a great deal!


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                  When I tried beef heart I was impressed how the steaky flavour it had. Not quite the same. But much cheaper, and offal in gernally more nutritious. I need to get back into offal. Good reminder!

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