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lack of sleep and decisions

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  • lack of sleep and decisions

    I didn't sleep much last night, and today I am making terrible decisions. Is this the same for everyone here?

    I ate 3 oreo cookies already, I feel terrible.

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    most definitely. It is real easy to make bad decisions when we have little to no sleep. I am usually running off of about 5 - 6 hours of sleep a night and at times i find i talk myself into eating stuff that i normally would not. Just stay strong. one mistake does not mess up the entire day!!!


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      Thanks sstan03, I'll try to keep my head high and my brain strong.


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        Ymmv, but this is very common, and the reasoning behind forcing hospitals, etc. to set minimum hours for docs. It's criminal, both for the docs health and their pts. Personally, I have both a shorter attention span and a higher amount of silly mistakes if I have one bad night of sleep. After several, I lose mental toughness. As in, someone puts a math problem in front of me and I give up easily.


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          Aye, indeed. I've noticed some people handle lack of sleep better than others, but without a solid 7 or so I am garbage and susceptible to marijuana and alcohol use in addition to scarfing down sugar laden snacks like they were holy biscuits at communion.


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            Patient Safety: Sleep Deprived Doctors Making Mistakes :: Halifax Medical Malpractice Lawyer Blog
            Not dumping on drs. here necessarily, but the profession is one of the last holdouts. Except for computer people. But they just get in-efficient and slow and can correct their work when they wake up.


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              It also saps creativity. Makes me too lazy to think of a good food to eat when I am hungry, and it seriously messes with hormones.

              For me, I have found (and I have a lot of experience with this as I have sleep apnea and the CPAP mask I am supposed to sleep with is a PITA!!), anyway, I have found that if I lower my carb intake and increase protein it helps, since digesting and processing carbs makes me even more sleepy. I also like tea with a tablespoon of either coconut milk or coconut oil and a few drops of stevia, because I also find I want something sweet when I am tired and this helps with that.

              One more thing I like to do, if you can manae it, I like to listen to a 30 minute mediation-especially one with binaural beats in it (you can google it and find free downloads) it really helps to make me feel rested where a nap just wipes me out and makes it harder to fall asleep that night.

              Good Luck.
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                We all make poor decisions when we are in a low mood. Realize this and allow your thoughts to drift. Once you're thoughts are more relaxed the decisions will take care of themselves.
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