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  • PranaBars

    i did a search for pranabars and couldn't find any posts; so i hope i'm not starting a new thread for something that's already be discussed to death

    anyhow, a co-worker gave me a prana bars and i'm wondering if they are primal or just more sugary carbs (link: this particular bar is the pear ginseng

    when i look at the nutritional values, i see:
    • 15g fat with 1.5g sat fat...i am guessing that the other 13.5 is some combination of PUFAs and/or MUFAs...not sure...if so, isn't this short on saturated and high on PUFA/MUFA? or am i bass-ackwards on this aspect of primal nutrition
    • 21g carbs with 4g fiber and 12g first thought was 12g sugar out of 21g carbs = a lot of sugary fat = glucose rush = insulin = blech...but, looking at the ingredients (Organic Agave Nectar, Organic Date Paste, Organic Almond Butter, Organic Almonds, Organic Pears, Organic Sesame Seeds, Organic Puffed Amaranth, Organic Ginseng, Sea Salt) seems like "ok stuff"
    • 5g protein ... meh

    are these things any good? the 15g fat jumped out to me; but then the PUFA/MUFA ratio seemed kinda high

    note: i just started reading TBP the other day; so not very far into it...i'm hoping i'll be able to answer questions like this myself by the time i'm done reading it...seems it would make label reading a heck of a lot easier to do/understand

    thanks for reading


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    Agave nectar is crap, high in fructose. What is it with all these bar threads all of a sudden?
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      My experience as a person who was morbidly obese (over 320) and now am 165: the dates (or any dried fruit) and nut (or nut butter) combo will put weight on me VERY quickly and noticeably. So, I would suggest that if you are trying to lean out, stay far far away from products like this. Generally, if you are needing to drop a lot of weight it's best to not try to do any of the paleo "treats" ... almond flour baked goods, nut and fruit bars, etc. Now, if you were a lean person who wanted something they could take with them to hike up a mountain it might be something to look at.
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        Amaranth is a grain. Also, way too much sugar. Not to mention processing...


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          Kestrel said it. While fruits and nuts are paleo/primal, they aren't necessarily in line with your goals. As you've already noticed, the PUFAs and sugars aren't really something you want to be eating a lot of. I regard nuts as a treat or a condiment. If you're a total beast at the gym, a card repletion may be a great idea for you, but a yam or other starch is way better than something with a lot of fructose along for the ride. Even without the grain, this isn't a great choice.

          Once you get yourself dialed in with your diet, you'll realize that you don't need foods like this. You'll be eating meals with meats, veggies, and healthy fats. Snacks are not generally necessary if you're eating enough at your meals. We've managed to survive and thrive for generations without prepackaged "energy" foods.