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How to best eat after a cheat in the morning?

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  • How to best eat after a cheat in the morning?

    I am eating a small slice of meringue lemon torte this morning (eggs, sugar, cream, lemons) as a cheat for my b-day at work, and I expect it to trigger carbs cravings. When I cheat, which is rare, I prefer eveneings, because then it's done, and the new day is clean and fine. But morning means there are many, many, many hours to keep binging.

    I am going to eat cake at ~ 10-10:30 am, and I will be lifting at ~ 4 pm-5 pm time window. I will be at home in the dangerous proximity to the fridge from ~ 1 pm to 3:05 pm (and have to be there, telecommuting), and then after the lifting session - and will have to cook family dinner and slice fruit plate, etc.

    I am planning to have a 200 g can of salmon at ~ 1pm, and beef liver with onion and mushed cauliflower (with a bit of coconut cream) for supper.

    How do I best counter the cake once I get to eat lunch?

    Should I suffocate it with fat and protein, i.e. add a can of sardines to the can of salmon, or do I add vegetables or if (er, WHEN) I start craving fruit and nuts what do I eat to frack the craving? Or should I eat the rest of teh sweet potato I have or boil some rice and squash it with non-sweetened starch?

    Or do I just eat my apples, and don't care & go no carbs for a few days after that?

    I can't take 5HTP at lunch, it will make me sleepy before lifting, and it doesn't stop sweet cravings anyway, or at least hadn't for this first week I was taking it.
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    Eat whatever you want, it doesn't matter.


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      I would have a high protien lunch and get right back in the groove. Snack on low carb stuff (like celery - crunchy) or maybe an egg and drink lots of water to fill you up so you may not want a snack. Don't open the fridge or cup board and you won't be able to get into the snacks.

      Enjoy your B-day treat thoroughly. Remind yourself that you've already indulged and enjoyed later today when you feel willpower slipping.

      Oh, and Happy Birthday - may there be many more!


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        I would go high protein and fat and non-carby veggies for lunch, then not worry about it and have a normal dinner.

        Don't consider it a cheat, consider it a planned celebration of life!

        And...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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          As mentioned, you can't look at "cheating" as cheating. Here's the low-down on low carb:

          Leptin is the master hormone that triggers fat release in the body. The amount of average circulating leptin in the body increases with increases in body fat stores. This is by design as your body does not want to be overweight. It slows you down and limits your ability to hunt and catch prey, so as you store more body fat, leptin levels increase so it's easier to remove that stored body fat. Overweight people have high levels of circulating leptin vs lean people because of this. In addition, leptin increases proportionally with insulin - it's a give and take - as insulin levels rise and store body fat, leptin levels rise hours later and sweep in to release the stored body fat. The issue with overweight people in this country is their insulin is chronically elevated from high refined carbohydrate snacking, so their leptin becomes chronically elevated. This causes a state of leptin resistance in the body, so even though circulating levels of leptin are high, the brain becomes desensitized to said leptin, so your body loses its ability to remove fat from fat cells. Consequently, this makes you constantly hungry as well, so you're constantly wanting to eat with no mechanism to remove body fat. It's an awful cycle that snowballs out of control.

          When you get on Primal initially and you're very overweight, it is very simple to lose weight. The lack of insulin in the body stops spiking your leptin levels, so leptin begins to reset. However, since your circulating leptin is still much higher than a lean person, fat loss comes quickly and easily. You frequently hear of people losing 20-30 pounds a MONTH on Primal initially if they're very overweight. However, eventually, that weight loss seems to plateau in most individuals. You frequently hear of people dropping 50 pounds very quickly, then plateauing even though they're still 50 pounds overweight. Why does this happen? Oddly enough, a lack of leptin.

          At this point, your leptin levels drop much lower due to a state of constant low insulin levels. You're probably still leptin resistant from years of poor dieting, OR your body is so used to carrying so much extra weight, it feels it's starving. A good way to combat this is to temporarily raise your insulin level by eating carbohydrate. Body builders do this all the time, and the leaner they need to be, the more properly-timed carbohydrate they need to eat to coax leptin levels higher. However, you're not a body builder and you still have a lot of weight to lose, so going on a carb binge would be a big problem and could trigger all sorts of problems. What would be beneficial to you would be a so-called "cheat day" once a week...but it's not really a "cheat" since Primal isn't a low-carb diet. Pick your most physically active day and eat things you don't normally eat - higher GI fruits, sweet potatoes, white rice, etc. Keep your carb count low - maybe 100-150g of starchy carbohydrate on that day on top of your normal green veggies - and keep fats low, around 50g or so.

          So, in short, your "cheat" day can actually be very beneficial. Sure, lemon meringue pie is a lousy idea since it's fattening, high carb and full of fructose - fructose is exactly what you DON'T want since it doesn't affect insulin and just gets turned into trigs in the liver - but the point is you could actually turn this slice of pie into fat loss if you use it to your advantage with proper timings. Make that day your "cheat day" and work out beforehand so it goes to muscle glycogen instead of body fat. That way, you get the beneficial insulin and leptin rise without the fat storage. Don't look at yourself as a cheater that should regret it. Look at it as a smart, planned indulgence.

          If I were you that night, I'd have a low fat dinner with a starchy carbohydrate. Eat something like chicken breast or fish as a protein, a nice sized sweet potato with no butter and a green veggie sauteed in white wine and garlic and no type of fat to carry out that insulin rise with a healthy, lower GI starch. Then, the next day, snap back into high fat/low carb. A week later, repeat the starchy "cheat day".
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            Thank you for b-day wishes! It is actually on Sunday, and my girlfriends and I going to the Canada's Biggest Outdoor Zumba Party

            Today is the bi-weekly team meeting, and I generally bring treats that day which I normally do not eat, but since it is actually my b-day cake this time, I am eating a slice. I haven't had meringue in about 2 years, so I wanted to make one.

            Choco, I can't train beforehand, unfortunately , my schedule just does not allow it. Gym doesn't open till 5:30, and I get up at 4 am to cook breakfast for hubby, and get to work by 6 am, work till 11:15 am (including the team meeting from 10 to 11:15 am), pick/drop off my daughter to her K-class, then telecommute, THEN workout.

            And, for clarity, it NOT a pie, it is a torte: two 8" meringues filled with lemon cream.

            Meringue: 4 egg whites, 1 cup of sugar
            Cream: 1/2 cup of cream, 4 egg yolks, 1 cup of sugar, juice of 1 lemon and zest of 2 lemons.
            I will top it with candied lemon slices, which is lemon slices and sugar.

            So, the only non-Primal ingredient is white sugar. So, mostly sucrose, right?

            If I braise beef liver in broth with onions and eat my sweet potato steamed, that should make a low fat, high starch supper, right? Liver is not fatty? DOn't have chicken, and don't want to eat tuna can when fresh grass-fed liver is available.
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              That torte doesn't sound that bad at all. If you can't work out beforehand, which is totally understandable, skip your breakfast and extend your overnight fast. That'll give you a really nice buffer to save up for the torte.

              You should be fine with grass fed beef liver. Liver has fat in it but it's nothing you won't be able to handle. A baked/steamed sweet potato would be an awesome addition.
              Don't put your trust in anyone on this forum, including me. You are the key to your own success.


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                Just resist the urge to punish yourself. That never ends well. Also, look at sugar and wheat as toxins--eat a few bites just to be polite if you must, but don't get a huge piece and don't get seconds no matter how good it tastes. I've had to do this a few times in the past year and it wasn't that bad. Once, there was a huge chocolate chip cookie someone made for my birthday. I had a chunk, and no more--used to be I'd eat 5 pieces and 3 more the next day, and the next til it was gone. I took great pride in looking at the leftover chocolate chip cookie (which was the size of a large pizza) sit there, go stale, and finally grow mold. I had no desire to eat it after that one little piece. I guess you could say that stupid cookie was my Mt Everest!


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                  I understand going into a panic if say one devoured a whole pie or cake or went on a weekend binge and wants to know how to get back on track, but fretting over a small piece of dessert, especially a celebration type of thing? That to me is a sign that someone has started taking this process too seriously and is probably hurting themselves more from stress than what that tiny piece of dessert would do.
                  If you are truly sticking with Primal and living that lifestyle, it should come with the confidence that it's okay to indulge and enjoy life once in a while.


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                    Eh, if it's a rare treat then don't worry about it.


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                      I would say to calm down. You are eating a slice of torte to celebrate your birthday. You're not, as other posters mentioned, devouring a whole cake or a bucket of ice cream or something.
                      If you're so worried about one piece of dessert triggering bingeing or not being able to control yourself, maybe it's time to reevaluate what you're doing.
                      I also think you're not doing yourself any favours with the mindset that you definitely WILL experience severe cravings and worry so much about it before it's even started. Just enjoy your birthday treat, and don't obsess over it after or try to make up for anything.


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                        Feliz Cumpleanos:-) This is a celebration of your Life! Don't sweat the small stuff, enjoy the moment, and then just be who/what you are...Primal:-)
                        Free your mind, and your Grok will follow!


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                          Also, bear in mind that I eat a good sized custard (in a cup, not on a cone) with hot fudge every time I visit my family in Jersey because I love it. It's my biggest non-primal indulgence and I will not be giving it up. It's on the menu for this weekend already, and I'm planning accordingly because I'm neck deep in the UD2.
                          Don't put your trust in anyone on this forum, including me. You are the key to your own success.


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                            I also think you're not doing yourself any favours with the mindset that you definitely WILL experience severe cravings and worry so much about it before it's even started. Just enjoy your birthday treat, and don't obsess over it after or try to make up for anything
                            I have experience of carb triggered binges on Anabolic Diet, and it is not pretty.

                            All 3 of our core family have b-days in the space of 2 weeks, one of which is turning five, and will have a dozen kids or so to entertain (and their parents), plus I am cooking for my hubby's department lunch, and, possible for a charity baking sale in those same 2 week's space. I will be rights there, handling sugar, nuts, fruit, flour, chocolate and dairy for 2 weeks on end, and hanging around crackers and cheese...

                            If I trigger a binge, under these curcumstances, I am seriously screwed. That's why I fret & want to figure out the best way of countering sugar.
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