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Dried fruit, too much sugar.

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  • Dried fruit, too much sugar.

    How healthy is dried fruit really? I read in a magazine that 1.5 cup of dried fruit can contain almost 9 teaspoons of sugar? I've been eating it a few times, and was just wondering, if someone can help me with this.

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    I rather eat the whole fruit. Dried fruits is just plain sugar, and it has a larger content per weight.


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      It's going to vary by type of fruit but yes, it's high in concentrated sugars. Also, a lot of manufacturers dust their fruit with additional sugar. It's essentially candy by that point in time. A little unsweetened fruit is okay once in a while, but under no circumstances should you try to convince yourself it's healthy.

      Like Zed said, regular fruit is better, but don't overdo it on that either.
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        A lot of manufacturers also use soy or corn oil for whatever reason. Probably to get the extra sugar to stick to it.
        I just use my own dehydrator and find a youtube video that shows you the best way to slice the fruit (if it needs it) and how long to set the dehydrator for. Usually about 24 hours.
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          I like dried fruit, but my idea of dried is pitting a peach, and letting it age and dry in the sun for a week. It concentrates just about everything in it, but it's definitely not the same as eating 9T of sugar.

          Now, things in bags, like the craisins I have in my cupboard are laced with extra sugars to make them sickeningly sweet. I'd avoid those.

          The one major problem with dried fruit is that it's easy to eat too much. A dried peach is not as sating as a fresh peach.
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            Oh oh I hope the Larabar Brigade does not get a hold of this thread....
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