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Protein intake.

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  • Protein intake.

    I've just bought a casein based protein powder to take before bed, when i cant or dont have time to cook a meal, or even just as a meal replacement throughout the day for extra protein.Anyone take pre-bedtime protein shakes and any noticable effects from taking the shakes.

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    As I'm on a linear progression lifting program, I take 150g of whey protein throughout the day (three shakes, each with two scoops). In the past I tried doing an LP program without them, and combined with my active job I was just dead on my feet the whole time. Now, after adding the whey, I always have energy for work. Massive difference.

    I should mention though that I don't think it's best to rely on it as a meal replacement exactly. I use it because it's quite tough (and expensive) to get in 200g of protein a day from normal food, and that's what I need to keep getting stronger. Having that 150g spoken for every day makes it a lot easier to get the rest in, and I think that's a better use of it. I certainly don't eat less 'proper' meals as a result.
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