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    In still somewhat new to low carb eating, so im hoping that someone here can answer a question or two for me. I was walking through the supermarket today. I read a lot of labels and spent more time in the supermarket than I ever have. One thing that is confusing me is this: I was looking at bacon and chicken stock specifically. In both of those foods I couldn't find any brands that didn't have sugar (usually "evaporated cane sugar"). However, the carb count on these products always says 0 or 1. Also, sugars are usually listed under the category "contains less than 2% of." My question is, would it be unacceptable to add these things to my primal diet? Would the small amount of sugar in these products be enough to ruin my diet? If so what alternative brands do you know of that don't add sugars to chicken stock or bacon?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hi all,
    which the things those have the hidden sugar???
    is this good for health or not???
    please suggested me guys,