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    So I am going primal. I am 19, 5'10" and 160 lbs. Obviously I don't want to gain any weight, but due to my profession I can't gain any either (need to maintain).

    I do crossfit 5 days a week for exercise.

    Now to the questions---

    1) How many carbs should I eat, and where should they come from? I heard I should eat around 100-120... Do these all come from fruit? What else can I eat to get carbs besides veggies?

    2) Is fruit frowned upon on this site? I know some paleo eaters who eat tons of it, and others who say fruit is the devil lol.

    3) How many grams of fat should I look to eat per meal?

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    fruit is candy bar from a tree. Think about it whenever you want some.
    That said, no harm in enjoying the occasional berries & heavy cream/coconut milk

    carbs come in the form of veggies. Biggest bang for your buck is going to be sweet potatoes.
    Try mashing some with coconut milk & cardamom some time. Good stuff!
    --Trish (Bork)


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      Fruit and veggies but remember NOT to drive yourself crazy. Sounds like you're pretty lean as it is.


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        Fruit is debatable. Fructose isn't very good for the liver, but basically anything you put in your body is poisones in someway, it just depends on the amount. A bit of fruit can't hurt and it has some good things to it. My opinion is that it's best to stick to low sugar fruit like berry's, they are perfect. But an apple or a banana once in a while can't hurt.

        There is no measurement to how much fat and carbs you should eat. You should eat what feels good for you, what works for you and when you're hungry. I understand this is hard at first, especially concidering you need to keep a certain weight for work (why is that anyways, only thing I can come up with is actor :P). But really, the body will tell you what it needs, some people stay below 20g of carbs some keep it at 150g, whatever works for you. And there's no-one that can tell you that exactly.

        Concidering you do crossfit five times a week I'd say it would be best to eat some carbs at least. As said your body will tell you what is good for it. But for now you need a starting point. So I'd say start out with 100-150g since you don't want to lose and are very active. For the rest, when still hungry, eat protein and fat. Those carbs should come from veggies, some fruit and starchy stuff like sweet patatoes and maybe some white rice.

        Also, I have to warn you, depending on from what diet you come now, you're most likely going to lose some water weight and gain some muscle. Due to lowering your carbs and upping your protein.
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