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how can i use an organic/health store to my best interests?

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  • how can i use an organic/health store to my best interests?

    so today i visited a big organic store here, which is more of an health store as not -all- products are organic.
    i thought about how i can use it best, when there are alot of things that available only there now that i avoid most standard foods...
    i dont want to buy organic vegtables/fruits for now as i cant really afford it and work next to a market.
    im also in doubt of buying organic eggs and it will be mostly on the price.

    the thing is, ive met small things there that i thought could just improve my meals optionsX100.
    i was craving something sweet now, and the result of the recipe was so sweet in taste, i wasnt even sure it was strictly paleo/primal.
    i just took bananas, cinamon and dried berries(one of them stated sugar free, the other wasnt, but other things stated it was with sugar) i got in this store and mixed them, and it seemed to ease my crave a little. not sure how good those berries for my teeths on a daily basis, though i try to wash them with water right after. was this strictly paleo even with the high sugary taste?

    my questions is this, other then the things ive mentioned, what is best to buy in those stores so you wont get bored and get back to your old habits as soon as possible? what would you buy on an organic store other then veggies/fruites/eggs?
    should i try yogurt? im not sure if i should avoid it if im trying to treat fibro/acne, not sure how "dairy" it is.
    what would be a good shop list for those stores?

    i was actually blown away from how easy this little dish i just made, how tastey and how it made me feel less weakness i probabely got from lack of sugar/grains/ again-is this dish really paleo?

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    health food stores that have more shelf stable products I tend to stay away from. There isn't many shelf stable things we can eat on this plan.
    If there is a hard to find item that I want that I don't want to pay for shipping for such an item (like lavander essence oil, or oregno oil pills)