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  • nasty cold help

    So, I tried to search the forum but couldn't find much info. Please excuse me if this has been asked before. I indulged a little at a work potluck on Friday w/sugar, and whatdoyaknow I have contracted a nasty cold. I'm wondering what the best eating strategy is here. Lots of fat? Fasting? Lots of veggies? Any advice is greatly appreciated. I'm a mom to a toddler, work and am in my last semester of college. I don't have time to be this ill! Lesson learned.

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    Keep away from sugar, for sure!

    40,000 IUs Vitamin D for 1-2 days should knock it right out. Works for me, everytime.

    Make sure not to take it too late in the day--it may keep you up.
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      I second the Vitamin D.

      Plus probiotics. My absolute favorite probiotics are the Garden of Life Raw probiotics for women. I don't know what they put in those things, but they knock viruses right out for me. I had a runny nose yesterday and took a double dose. Today I am good as new. The kids version also works very well for my daughter. I gave her a double dose yesterday because she had a runny nose and sneezing. I haven't seen her yet today, but I'm crossing my fingers it worked as it always does.


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        Just poured a glass of cultured plain coconut milk to take with some Vitamin D. Thank you!


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          Originally posted by MadelynMc View Post
          Just poured a glass of cultured plain coconut milk to take with some Vitamin D. Thank you!
          Hope you feel better!


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            Avoid dairy (and the sugar mentioned above)

            I take a regime of Vit D, selenium, zinc, Vit C, and echinacea and that really helps me get through any colds I might catch. I don't know doses off the top of my head, vit C I usually do 1000 mg 3-4 times in the day. Usually if I start this when I get the first sign of a scratchy throat it never progresses beyond that. (Make sure if you take the zinc you do it on a full stomach as it can be a bit rough.)
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