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    Hey, everyone!

    I'm a dancer (ballet, tap, jazz), and I've been eating semi-primal for the past few weeks. I'm almost full primal, with the exception of about a cup of white rice or potatoes every day. Hopefully I'll be able to phase this out in the very near future, but at the moment it seems to be instrumental in avoiding a backslide to a life of wheat.

    Given the fact that rice and potatoes will probably be part of my daily life for a while longer, and that I usually dance in between lunch and dinner, I am trying to decide which meal I should consume this concentrated starch. Would it be better to have it before or after dancing? Does it even matter, as long as I consume with it a good amount of protein, quality fats, and veggies?

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    Welcome to the forum!

    I would eat them after. You are at your most insulin-sensitive post-workout. If you did an intense workout and have a faily healthy metabolism, nearly all of the starch will go toward replinishment of muscle glycogen that was burned during exercise. Also, a cup of either rice or potatoes isn't a ton of starch, so it's not a big deal. For potatoes, I think it's around 26g of carbs and for rice around 40g.

    Don't beat yourself up or consider yourself not Primal for including starch in your diet. Athletes who use their peak performance (sprinters, powerlifters) require glycogen to perform optimally. On the other hand, if you're doing nothing more intense than jogging at a slow pace or something similar, a low carb diet is fine.
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      According to some, you may be consuming the very best form of carbs to meet your needs by eating the potatoes or white rice (starch). If you are not very overweight and are quite active, you may *need* to incorporate some 'safe starches' for optimal functioning.

      Check out The Perfect Health Diet for more. (Paleo + 'safe starches' which include potatoes and white rice.)
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        Totally love this chart, and actually that's what I am slowly drifting towards!

        I only use sweet potatoes from safe starches, and in my personal experience unpasterized honey is preferable to chocolate, and due to my inability to control nuts, I am moving them to the 'do not eat' category, and thinking to try soaked beans (or white potato or white rice) as a repalcement for nuts as pleasure food, but that's minor tweaks.

        Overall, I think this chart is perfect for an active person!
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          Soaked beans as a pleasure food? It never will be for me LOL!

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          Mmmmm. Real food is good.

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            no kidding. I do not miss beans ONE BIT! and yeah i know about soaking. That's how we used to cook them in college. It didn't seem to make them one bit less gassy. YUK.

            edit: where did you see that beans are "pleasure food"? looks like they're in the "do not eat" section.


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              Thanks for the responses, guys. I've been having them after and have been feeling pretty good, so I think I'll continue to do that. And I agree...I think white rice, potatoes, and sweet potatoes are perfectly reasonable dietary additions for an active person. In the future, instead of totally cutting them out, perhaps I will restrict them to the days that I dance, which is usually 4 or 5 days per week.