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Living off animal foods, avoiding vegetables. need sugestions, answers, etc

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    Well, if you want to look like a raw vegan (that is, like an emaciated cancer victim) then your raw small animal diet sounds ideal. Cooking is what makes us human, so why not eat lots of small barbecued animals with plenty of butter and lard to go with it.

    Just my 2 cents, it's your life, etc.


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      Originally posted by Pandadude View Post
      Oh shut up.. I shouldn't even be bumping this. You're orthorexic.

      How the hell would you know meat products acidify you too much? Did you test the PH of your stomach liquids or your blood or something? Chlorophyll plant BS... supposed sensitivity to "chemicals" on your produce (which I bet magically appeared as you learned about them). The things you are testing and "realizing" have already been determined and put together in the primal diet. Don't try to reinvent the wheel.
      The primal diet, as written, is not right for everyone. Though I agree that the reasons given in this thread seem spurious, getting sick after eating spinach all day isn't really proof of a need to avoid all vegetables.

      It is possible to eat animal products only, but you need to really know what you are doing. I'm no expert, though I am reducing fruit and veg due to needing to minimise starch in my diet due to an autoimmune disease. I'd rather go animal products only than go vegan, that's for sure lol.

      I'm not sure what you mean about protein being an addiction. You can't really cut protein if you're not eating veggies can you?! I agree with others in the thread that there are some eating disorder flags in your post.

      This may interest you The Carnivore’s Dilemma – A Diet of Just Meats and Fats? | The Primal Parent. There are carnivore forums out there too where you could probably get helpful advice, if you do really think you need to give this a go.
      Gluten intolerance and hypermobility syndrome

      Eat food. Mostly real. Enjoy life.

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        Originally posted by jackdesimone View Post
        well, NOW, if I Did, ever eat vegetables again, It would Be only ORGANIC, CABBAGE... (cause I guess, the dark greens, carry the most oxalic acid; and I won't touch fruit, carrots, or potatoes) ..but probably raw sauerkraut, with probiotics...
        Why only cabbage? What's wrong with broccoli, cauliflower, onions, mushrooms, kale, salad greens, brussel sprouts or any of the other countless vegetables that are out there? I also think you should eat meat/fish/fowl and vegetables, not either or.
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